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The ranking and analysis report of domestic automobile complaints in November 2017

according to the vehicle quality statistics of the leading defective automobile product information collection platform in China, 5560 complaints were received from car owners in November 2017, which only ensured that the equipment parts were firm, once again breaking the record of the highest number of complaints in a single month in the history of vehicle quality. At the same time, the monthly complaint volume exceeded the 5000 mark for the first time, which also indicates that the customer complaint situation of domestic automobile consumers has entered a new stage. According to the data, the number of complaints this month increased by 13.4% month on month, with a sharp year-on-year increase of 31.4%. In addition, the quality of cars received 4690 feedback from car companies on complaints this month, an increase of 5.7% month on month

in November, the vehicle quality received a total of 501 valid complaints. If the experimental machine can't operate after the detection time, it will start to check whether the upper and lower limits are the most appropriate models, which is 10 less than that in October, while 118 models with complaints of more than two digits (including) have increased by 3 compared with the previous month. After removing the information that the complainant voluntarily applied for withdrawal of the complaint, the top 30 brand models in November ranked as follows:

from the top30 list of complaints in November, the top 10 rankings changed significantly compared with October. Among them, Roewe I6 encountered collective complaints from car owners due to the product strategy of "different configurations of the same model", and the number of complaints soared in November; Beijing Hyundai Langdong rose to No. 6, and the number of complaints surged 57.1% month on month. In addition, the abnormal noise and setback of the gearbox this month are still typical complaints. Due to the sharp increase in the number of complaints about the same type of different configurations, the total number of complaints jumped to the third place in the number of complaints

highlights of domestic automobile complaint data this month:

in November, the proportion of complaints from independent brands exceeded that of joint-venture brands, with 2832 complaints, an increase of 613 compared with October, and the proportion increased by 6 percentage points to 51%. Compared with October, the number of complaints about joint venture brands changed slightly, with an increase of 40 complaints, accounting for a decrease of 5 percentage points; The performance of imported brands was basically the same as last month

vehicle quality data shows that compared with October, except German and European brands, the number of complaints from other national brands, including independent brands, has increased to varying degrees. Among them, Korean brands increased the most, with a month on month increase of 34.9%, and the proportion increased by 1 percentage point. In contrast, the number of complaints about European brands decreased by 30, down 14.4% month on month

in November, complaints were still mainly concentrated in compact cars and SUVs, of which the number of complaints about compact cars exceeded 2000 for the first time. Compared with October, the number of complaints about compact cars and SUVs increased significantly, up 29.4% and 9.3% month on month, respectively. In addition, the number of complaints from medium-sized cars, MPV, mini cars and large cars decreased to varying degrees on a month on month basis

the data shows that among the complaints in November, the complaint volume of 2017 model exceeded that of 2015 and 2016 models for the first time, becoming the model year with the highest complaint volume. At present, Yuyao intelligent optoelectronic town has been cultivated, and the 2017 model has become the main model in the sales of various car enterprises. With the continuous increase of ownership, the complaint volume of 2017 model is likely to remain high for a period of time in the future. It is worth noting that the number of complaints of 2018 models also showed an upward trend month by month. The number of complaints in November increased by more than twice month on month, and the quality problems of new models are gradually emerging

the complaints received by vehicle quality are mainly divided into three categories: quality problems, service problems and comprehensive problems. In November, there were still the most complaints about simple quality problems. The number of complaints increased by 411 compared with October, up 10.1% month on month, but the proportion decreased by 2 percentage points. In addition, the number of complaints about comprehensive problems and service problems also increased to varying degrees, up 31.3% and 25.5% respectively

among the quality complaints received by vehicle quality in November, the complaints of body accessories and electrical appliances are still the most, an increase of 904 complaints compared with October, accounting for 39% of the total quality complaints. Due to the increase in the total number of complaints, the number of complaints of each sub problem has increased to varying degrees this month, of which the increase of transmission and engine is relatively large, with a month on month increase of 39.9% and 23.4% respectively

among the complaints involving service problems (including comprehensive problems), service attitude complaints still account for the largest proportion, and the number of complaints increased by 156 compared with last month, up 45.9% month on month. In addition, the complaints about the "promises not fulfilled" problem this month increased, and the price of the whole set was also relatively expensive. It also increased by 58.6% month on month. The problem mainly occurred in the pre-sales service of 4S stores, causing consumer dissatisfaction

since its inception, car quality has been committed to becoming the preferred third party to coordinate and solve consumption disputes between car owners and car enterprises. The ultimate goal is to promote enterprises to pay attention to product defects and actively solve the reasonable demands of more car owners. According to the statistics of vehicle quality, there were 1080 complaints in November, and the complainants voluntarily applied for withdrawal due to the proper settlement of the complaints by the manufacturers. According to the data, there were 16 auto companies with a 100% complaint response rate in November, down 3 from October; The response rate of another 10 auto enterprises reached more than 90%, an increase of 2 compared with October

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