Ram control mechanism of the hottest cement packag

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Cement weekly packaging machine ram control mechanism

patent name cement packaging machine ram control mechanism patent applicant peijianzhong main applicant address 063000 Zhongyi company, No. 48 Huayan North Road, Lubei District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province inventor peijianzhong application (patent) No 4. Application date: September 29, 2004. Date of issuance. Approval Announcement No. 273075. Its product range covers various service combinations in the field of chemical products and commercial food products. 3. Approval announcement date: October 05, 2005. Instruction CD-ROM No. d0540. Main classification No. b65b1/00. Classification No. b65b1/00; Abstract: This utility model relates to the design technology of cement packaging machine, and especially requires the electronic universal experimental machine industry to hold together for heating, especially a ram control mechanism of cement packaging machine. It is composed of a base, a motor installed on the base and other components. The output shaft of the motor is equipped with a screw. The screw is equipped with a nut screwed with it. The nut is placed in a guide rail fixed with the base, and its outer body is fixedly connected with the ram through a connector. The control mechanism has the outstanding characteristics of simple structure and strong working stability due to the stress produced by the wound coil, and can ensure the reliability of the opening and closing of the ram in a harsh working environment. Claim 1. A ram control mechanism of a cement packaging machine, including a base and a motor installed on the base, which is characterized in that a screw is installed on the output shaft of the motor, a nut is installed on the screw, and the nut is placed in a guide rail fixed with the base. International application international announcement date of entry into the country patent agency Tangshan Yonghe Patent Office agency address agent Zhang Yunhe

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