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Randy machinery: in September, meet Atlanta

American International Glass and doors sponsored by the National Glass Association September 20, 2017 (2) confirm the fatigue strength limit of spring materials according to fatigue life and confirm their fatigue strength limit according to the working conditions and materials of springs. The 2-day window exhibition will be held in Atlanta, the United States, from September 12 to 14, 2011. At that time, Randy machinery (landglass) will bring its latest architectural glass Toughening solutions for home appliance glass, automotive glass and solar glass meet you at booth 231

since landglass became the leading domestic manufacturer of tempering equipment that successfully entered the U.S. market, its popularity, reputation and even market share have steadily increased in the U.S. market; In 2009, landglass's most advanced jet forced convection tempering equipment successfully landed in the U.S. high-end tempering equipment market, marking landglass's steady progress towards high-end equipment suppliers; Today, landglass not only enjoys a high market share in the North American market, but also has a rapid development in the number of users in central and South America. The American market has become the dominant market of landglass

so far, landglass has sold dozens of tempering equipment in the Americas, and has set up a customer service center centered in the United States and covering the entire Americas to provide timely, fast and high-quality customer service while providing internationally advanced glass tempering equipment

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