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Random talk on the world cigarette packaging trend

in the face of the shrinking world cigarette market, cigarette factories are doing their best to expand their market share. In order to attract consumers, it is imperative to improve or change the packaging. In June, the output of crude steel, pig iron and steel was 73.23 million tons, 61.68 million tons and 97.57 million tons respectively. So, what is the development prospect of the world cigarette packaging market

the development of soft pack and hard pack cigarettes

with the recent increasing call for banning smoking. At present, in Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania and Latin America, the tobacco industry has become a sunset industry. Although cigarette sales are still increasing in Africa, West Asia and other individual countries, the tobacco industry is not what it used to be. Reflected in the packaging, soft pack cigarettes are decreasing, and the proportion of hard pack cigarettes is rising, which can not be said to be a manifestation of the white hot competition in the tobacco market

looking at the development of soft pack cigarettes and hard pack cigarettes around the world, domestic enterprises engaged in tobacco packaging and printing may have some thoughts, insights and inspiration

1. the strength of soft pack cigarettes still exists

although the output of hard pack cigarettes has increased day by day around the world in recent years, soft pack cigarettes still account for the vast majority on the whole

soft pack cigarettes are widely used in the Americas, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Far East, especially in remote rural areas. What's more, some countries and regions sell almost all soft packs of cigarettes. In some areas, there is also a growing trend of soft pack cigarettes. According to the European international tobacco statistics office, the regions where soft pack cigarettes may grow include Argentina, Indonesia, India, Thailand, South Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, Venezuela, the Philippines, Vietnam and Algeria

market analysts assert that currently, soft pack cigarettes account for about 50% - 60% of the cigarette market. Even in the European cigarette market, which is dominated by hard box packaging, there are exceptions. For example, Spain and Portugal have achieved a market share of 70% to 80% of soft pack cigarettes, because the cigarette production in these two countries was still a state monopoly a few years ago. When monopoly organizations control the market, they will produce economic products as much as possible, and this economic benefit is included in the production of soft pack cigarettes. The most convincing argument is that the production cost of soft pack cigarettes is only half that of hard pack cigarettes

take a real example: a few years ago, when a multinational company entered the Russian tobacco market, some market analysts believed that the sales of hard pack cigarettes would rise sharply. But today in the Russian market, soft pack cigarettes are still in the dominant position, with a market share of 80%. The sales volume of hard pack cigarettes in the Russian market has hardly increased. The factors causing this situation are as follows: first, multinational companies do not want to change the brand of locally popular soft pack cigarettes. Second, the general recession in Russia and the world economy has increased the market demand for low-cost soft pack cigarettes. However, although soft pack cigarettes are still dominating the market, the market share of hard pack cigarettes is increasing year by year

according to the survey, the regions with the largest decline in the market share of soft pack cigarettes are mainly Western Europe, the Americas and Eastern Europe. The decline rate in the Far East is slightly slower, and the decline rate in Africa and the Middle East is the slowest. Relevant people believe that it is expected to be 2007. The market share of soft pack cigarettes will be reduced to 30%

contrary to this trend, with the enhancement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of laws. Maybe one day cigarette factories will adopt all flexible packaging. The question is how long it takes consumers to change their ideas. Or how much time should legislators spend passing laws and regulations to accelerate this development

2. Hard pack cigarettes are catching up.

the globalization of the tobacco industry has had an important impact on the packaging market. In the market where various types of cigarettes coexist, the introduction of western style cigarette brands. Promote the market share of hard pack cigarettes to increase; At the same time, cigarette factories in developing countries also increasingly tend to increase the output of hard pack cigarettes to compete with international tobacco companies

in the Indian market, although cigarettes are mainly sold in the form of soft packaging, more newly produced brand cigarettes go to the market in hard packaging; Egypt's oriental tobacco company recently added hard packaging products to its main crystal brand cigarette Cleopatra, 4. Foam block wool screening machine. There is a similar situation in France: the popular local brands there used to be traditional flexible packaging, but since the mixed flavor cigarettes from the United States (such as Marlboro) entered the country's market. The sale of soft pack cigarettes seems to have become difficult; At the same time, gauloisc, a representative brand of French soft pack cigarette culture, has also launched hard packaging products. Moreover, some cigarette markets in Europe have been almost monopolized by hard packaging, such as Germany, Britain and Switzerland, and the market share of hard packaging cigarettes has reached almost 100%

in addition, the rapid development of hard pack cigarette packaging machines in the past few years has promoted the widespread use of hard packs, because the packaging speed of hard pack cigarette packaging machines is much faster than that of soft pack cigarette packaging machines. Therefore, the hard packed cigarette packaging machine is more attractive to large cigarette factories

the speed of the new soft pack cigarette packaging machine is also increasing. For example, the packaging speed of focke700 packaging machine can reach 700 boxes/minute. This makes up for the slow packaging speed of the previous soft cigarette packaging machine

3. The impact of changes in the world tobacco industry structure on the tobacco packaging market

throughout the world tobacco industry. The consolidation trend of enterprises is intensifying, and cigarette mills, paper mills and printing mills have formed a close triangular relationship. The challenge ahead is how to further improve the partnership. A very popular term in the tobacco industry is "market decline"

in the past few years, cigarette factories have constantly put forward new requirements for cigarette packaging paper. Such as the requirements for paper whiteness. We can clearly see the trend of cigarette packaging paper to a higher level of whiteness. Sometimes cigarette factories require the whiteness of paper to reach more than 90%

in addition, the paper mill has produced thinner paper for the cigarette factory with the original equipment, so as to further reduce the cost of cigarettes. For example, in recent years, chemical temperature control pulping technology can produce thinner paper with better paper feeding performance and surface smoothness. It can be seen that the weight of soft cigarette paper in Europe has been continuously reduced in recent years, with the outer packaging paper falling from 100g/m2 to 80 -

90g/m2, while the inner packaging paper falling to 70-80g/m2

the quantity of paper used in different regions is also different. In the American market, cigarette paper and tin foil are mostly used for cigarette inner packaging, and their weight is less than 71% of the weight of the whole cigarette box Keep the whole material testing machine clean by 0%. In the Eastern European market, the cigarette inner packaging paper is coated with aluminum foil on one side, and the outer packaging paper is much higher than the inner packaging paper

development of cigarette packaging and its packaging printing

from the perspective of the world cigarette sales market, Japan is the world's largest cigarette importer, followed by France and Italy, while China is still the world's largest cigarette market. In order to share the cake of the market as much as possible, all domestic cigarette factories show their magic powers and constantly push through the old to bring forth the new. Therefore, China's cigarette packaging market has witnessed an unprecedented prosperity, especially the hard packaging of cigarettes, which has created the historical precedent of cigarette packaging in the world. Gold, silver and frosted packaging, as well as the world's most cutting-edge packaging technologies (such as hot stamping, holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc.) have appeared in China's cigarette hard packaging, but China's domestic cigarette sales are still unsatisfactory

with the continuous shrinking of the cigarette market, cigarette factories must recognize the development direction of the cigarette packaging market and constantly expand the connotation of packaging in order to expand their market share. Specifically, there are the following points

1. cigarette packaging should be concise and natural

many brands of cigarettes in the Chinese market, such as Baisha, Honghe, Dahongying, jiaozi and Hongtashan, when the wet air passes through the cold pipe, are beautifully packaged. If only one brand of cigarettes in the market of a country or region adopts this packaging, it will be conducive to expanding its market. However, if many cigarette factories adopt this same approach: gold card paper, bronzing, sanding, holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc., it will inevitably lead to a big price war in the market and more intense competition. Moreover, the inks used in this kind of packaging and printing are mainly benzene solvent and ester soluble inks, which do not meet the requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, to expand the market share, the cigarette printing factory must take the lead, use alcohol soluble or water-soluble ink printing, and the design should be unique, with extremely simple graphics and text and as few colors as possible to express a new brand culture: concise and natural

2. Cigarette anti-counterfeiting should be easy to identify

cigarette anti-counterfeiting should be easy to identify. After being familiar with cigarettes with one taste, consumers have a repulsion to cigarettes with other tastes. After each brand of cigarettes is introduced to the market, efforts should be made not only to maintain the consistency of their taste, but also to prevent counterfeiting. For example, when the packaging box is printed with infrared color changing ink, fluorescent ink or magnetic ink, it is best to add color fibers to the packaging paper. In this way, its anti-counterfeiting performance will be difficult to compare with other printing technologies. Anti counterfeiting technology is available, but not everyone knows it, so it is best to indicate the identification method in the packaging box

3. cigarette packaging should reflect cultural taste

to improve the cultural taste of cigarette packaging, we can launch world cultural heritage series, famous people series, national top ten scenic spots series and Chinese classical people series, such as famous poems and sentences, which can be written by Legalists. We should try our best to weaken the practical function of cigarettes and highlight cultural characteristics, so that each cigarette can become a collection of culture and art, So that consumers can buy cigarettes and enjoy culture when consuming

4. cigarette packaging should be humanized

traditional packaging has the following disadvantages: too many packages, easy to wear out packaging boxes, poor Lu resistance and inconvenient cigarette taking. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the voice of banning smoking, especially the banning of smoking in public places and the smoke-free of families, the space for smokers to smoke has become smaller and smaller. Originally, a pack of cigarettes can be used for a week, but now it may take a month, so the packaging should be miniaturized, such as 10, 5 or 1 cigarettes per pack. The packaging box can be transformed into match box, medicine box, etc., so that the cigarette packaging can meet the needs of smokers in different conditions and different occasions

5. the sales mode should be multi-channel

the traditional sales channels are manufacturers - agents or wholesalers - retailers - customers. There are too many sales links, which is not conducive to the expansion of the market. With the development of information technology and modern logistics industry, cigarette sales must be multi-channel

current situation of cigarette packaging and printing in China

at present, domestic cigarette packaging is becoming more and more exquisite. Moreover, this trend is still growing. All cigarette factories are tireless in this regard and continue to innovate. It seems that as long as the packaging is good, the quality is high, so that the cost of cigarette packs is higher than the cost of cigarettes themselves. However, Chinese cigarettes have not expanded the share of the world market. Domestic cigarettes are hardly exported to other countries, but are mostly sold in the domestic market, and the sales volume is getting worse year by year. Once by

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