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Packaging and exhibition knowledge (Part 2)

5. Color matching

people will react differently to different colors in the surrounding environment. Because of this, exhibitors really need to work hard when choosing colors for their booths, brochures and gifts. Now, more and more companies order uniforms with unified style and color for their employees to shape the image of the enterprise. This idea is good, but if you are careless, its dangerous effect will be more serious, which will bring negative effects and even damage the company's image. It is best to design by professional companies

6. Personal cultivation

Makeup: women should stop making up, and not making up or making you strong will give visitors a bad impression

nails: during the exhibition, exhibitors should distribute promotional materials or point out products to visitors every day, and visitors will notice the nails of exhibitors intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, it is very important to build nails neatly

glasses: it is better not to wear worn glasses. Non reflective lenses should be selected, and colored lenses are not suitable for eye contact. Colored lenses such as brown and yellow will make people wearing glasses look tired and should not be used

shoes: foot pain can cause discomfort all over the body, so don't wear new shoes to the exhibition. Of course 2, the change of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage, and shoes should be cleaned

hygiene: body odor, breath and too strong perfume are offensive, but no one will criticize. Prepare a little mint or gum on the booth to clear your breath. Don't wear too strong perfume during the exhibition, because many people are allergic to fragrance. If they smell too pungent fragrance, they will avoid your booth

posture: leaning lazily against the wall or sitting askew everywhere will make people feel tired and bored, and make visitors feel that they are forcing booth staff to receive them when they enter the booth. Therefore, the booth staff should always be energetic and enthusiastic

Handshake: in our society of "keep your hands on your toes", the only physical contact is handshake, which is a sign of enthusiasm and friendship, suggesting that the other party can enter our personal space. Taking the initiative to shake hands with merchants also reflects the confidence of booth staff, which helps to promote the friendly image of their company

6. Clothing

clothing can indicate identity and personal connotation. A person's social status, education level, aesthetic outlook and so on can be seen through the quality, style and tone matching of clothing. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a dress guide and send it to all the participating employees. In the guide, we should avoid using the non-metallic mixture in steel and the graphite phase in cast iron, which will produce tailing marks; If the humidity is too low, such as "dress neatly" and other vague statements, these statements will only cause differences and excuses

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