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Packaging and decoration design is not a simple art design

"design" is a creative anticipatory behavior of human beings to make a plan to achieve a certain goal. There are many kinds of "design", and equipment inspection is an extremely effective means to find signs in the early stage and detect hidden dangers in advance. With the progress of science and technology and the development of production, there are process (product) design, architectural decoration design, packaging design, advertising design, CI design, garden design, environmental art design, etc. Nowadays, the specialties of mass production, consumption and classification of products in human society are increasing day by day. In history, developed countries once strengthened industrial design as a national policy to promote industrial development, but now they can no longer generally cover a large number of product designs with "industrial design", nor can they simply mix packaging design with "decoration design"

"packaging design" is a special form that takes commodities as the object and integrates science and art. Packaging is an indispensable part of commodities. Therefore, when using science and art or the combination of them in packaging design, we cannot ignore the characteristics and needs of its object - goods

the object of packaging design - the characteristics and needs of commodities are very extensive and complex. There are thousands of them. We usually divide it into food, beverage packaging, cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, commodity packaging, etc. The characteristics of various

commodities are different; Some are afraid of dampness. The first phase of the project was successfully pilot produced and moulded in July this year. Some are afraid of dryness, withering and cracking, as well as odor and leakage, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt innovative packaging techniques for different commodities, select suitable packaging materials that are changing with each passing day, and carry out scientific and beautiful design

commodity production is to be sold and used. The object of need is the majority of consumers, so it is necessary to consider the gender, age, habits and preferences of consumers, as well as the customs and human relations of different regions at home and abroad, and they will change from time to time with the times or their factors, which is unpredictable

commodity producers always adjust production according to the market changes of consumers' needs, so as to avoid unsalable, overstock and loss of market share caused by the same products or similar packaging

to sum up, I just want to explain one truth, that is, packaging designers are a comprehensive discipline that is effectively promoting the development of automotive technology revolution; It involves mechanical, electronic, printing, materials and other engineering. In the field of packaging, it involves modeling, structure, materials, patterns, colors, ergonomics and so on. In the operation of packaging design, we must also understand some basic knowledge of marketing, sales psychology, as well as the humanities, geography, life and other basic knowledge of the sales region and object, so as to carry out targeted investigation and research. In a word: packaging design is definitely not for those who can draw. Therefore, art designers ≠ packaging designers

it is true that packaging designers can do without a considerable art foundation. However, it is absolutely incompetent to have only or deep artistic attainments without understanding the particularity of packaging design

in terms of the particularity of packaging design, such as the protection, convenience, beautification, publicity and promotion functions of packaging on commodities, we must understand them so as to carry out purposeful design. Another example is the packaging materials and their different performance characteristics to be selected in the packaging design, and the processing technology means to be selected, such as printing and production. And how to make it convenient for filling, sealing, padding and other cartoning (cartoning) and other use processes. Otherwise, there will be embarrassing results that the design works are "not suitable for use" and "exquisite" and cannot be put into mass production

although packaging design has historical records in China, it is not a foreign invention. The real reproduction of packaging design is still after the reform and opening up, and with the continuous deepening of market economy, the importance of commodity packaging and packaging design is becoming increasingly obvious. But where is the packaging designer? This can not but be attributed to some insightful people at that time, including some experts and professors focusing on art design. They stepped forward, took the only decoration design in China as the starting point, learned from foreign advanced experience, became research organizations, wrote professional discussions, professional training, and some gradually added some basic packaging knowledge to art teaching, which created a large number of designers with art as the main body, and rushed to the urgently needed design positions, Engaged in various design industries including packaging design. One of the few successful full-time and part-time packaging designers was awarded the title of Arts and crafts designer, because there is only this title that is not in the door

according to the data, there are about 7000 full-time and part-time packaging designers in Shanghai. There are 24 colleges and vocational schools in Shanghai, with nearly 500 students engaged in packaging design every year. However, the existing packaging designers have complex components and a large number of uneven levels. There are designers from art colleges in the early days of liberation, young designers from art design colleges who graduated in recent years, packaging designers who are "self-taught", and some school students are also accepting the design business in society. Few of them have received professional training in protection design, and the quality level of designers is unknown. For example, some packaging designers have been plagiarizing and imitating other people's works for a long time or carrying out the so-called design in a different way. Strictly speaking, it means making up for others and harming the country and the people

at present, China has officially joined the WTO, the progress of scientific and technological modernization and economic globalization has been significantly accelerated, production is developing at a high speed, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. With the expansion and opening up of domestic and foreign markets, good products will inevitably lose competitiveness and disorder if they are not well packaged. Therefore, the times and situation require us to have professional packaging designers, advertising, poster and other graphic designers to design packaging. All kinds of art designers, even painting masters, are difficult to meet the special functional requirements of packaging design. Because it is always limited by their respective professional scope. The situation of packaging design should be changed quickly; It is necessary to establish a qualification examination regulation for professional packaging designers. Only after receiving professional training certificates can they engage in packaging design business. At the same time, we should also pay attention to on-the-job professional training, carry out regular continuing education and "recharge" to adapt to the economic situation and the development and changes of the commodity market, timely understand and apply new technologies and new processes, high-level R & D talents and technical teams with Academician workstations and 1000 experts, knowledge and information of new materials and new products, standardize the packaging design market and improve the overall level of design, Make contributions to the development and prosperity of domestic and foreign commodity trade

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