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Packaging chemicals: filling liquid and dry chemical powder (Part 2)

the loader has digital electronic measurement equipment and control system, with a filling accuracy of ± 0.1 to 0.25%, and a filling range of 1 g to 100 kg

when the labeling machine processes the conical barrel, the vacuum grid paster peels the label from the substrate, and then pastes the label on the surface of the barrel when the conical barrel is pushed to the paster. Next, there is the wiping part equipped with a spring-loaded drum to ensure that the labels on the conical barrel are all flat and complete the labeling steps

smaller Quart barrels require the paster to change the pasting position, and add handrails. 10 production lines are installed, debugged and put into production wiring in succession, so as to support the copper wire handle of Quart barrels and prevent derailment when labeling. When the quart barrel enters the labeling machine, the operator is required to position its handle

the overall labeling is used when the packaging line handles round containers. One of the labeling heads has a linear slide so that it can be repositioned when it is transferred from the conveyor belt to the overall labeling station. An extended peeling strip distributes the label to the gripper of the labeling belt and the container. When the container enters the labeling station, the high friction belt and foam gasket on the labeling station rotate the container to completely smooth the whole label. A product sensor timely triggers the label dispenser

from the labeling machine, the containers are transferred to the manual packaging station, and then the workers put them into the box. The containers are transported to the packaging station through the conveyor belt produced by o/k conveyors, which will send the filled containers to the height most suitable for workers' operation, so as to improve the efficiency of workers

to meet the need of erecting the box, ulano has installed a duraformer 2 automatic box supporting machine and bottom integral packaging machine from o/k durable packaging company. The machine controlled by Allen Bradley PLC will support the corrugated box, seal the bottom, and transfer it to the manual packaging station. The duraformer 2 square arm is equipped with a venturi vacuum system and an extraction cup, which can safely lift each box from the horizontal, powered walk-in silo. The square arm will erect the box, and then a conveyor assembler will take them from the arm to the side of the insufficient conveyor belt, which is beneficial to detect materials with very large or very small elongation and obtain accurate experimental results. When each box moves in the machine, the special equipment filled with air closes the bottom folding plate and pastes adhesive tape. Other features include Allen Bradley text display, password protected maintenance page, a paper jam sensor, and interlock security protection. The sealed box exits duraformer 2 and is sent to the packaging station

the workers in the first station remove the containers from the product conveyor belt and manually insert the required number of containers into each box. When the box is full, the worker can release the box to the second station by stepping on the foot pedal. If necessary, the second station can manually insert the mixer, the manual or the small bottle of dry photosensitive powder we mentioned above

once the second step is completed, the worker will step on the second pedal and release the box to the automatic box sealing machine. For those products that do not add anything to the second station, the station can be turned off, so that the box can pass through it and enter the packaging machine directly without being affected. The automatic box sealing machine is DuraSeal 32fc Mini of o/k durable packaging company. It can fold the folding board on the top of the box. The organizing committee will also invite more than 100 financial units and investment institutions to combine them and seal them with tape

o/k dual packaging company provided conveyor belt for 2-person packaging station, designed and installed all necessary cardboard box stations, timers and controllers

the automatic box support machine and the bottom integral packaging machine have the characteristics of text display, password protection maintenance page, paper jam sensor and interlock security protection

the packaged box exits DuraSeal 32fc mini and is transferred to a loading station around a 180 degree curve conveyor belt. A worker from station 1 or station 2 puts the sealed box into a large consignment box. After the box is full, the worker closes the folding plate on the top and sends the box to the econoseal 32 semi-automatic box packaging machine of o/k durable packaging company. Then the tape is pasted on the top and bottom of the box, and then the box is sent to the double head labeling machine of labeling systems, which pastes the pre printed labels on both sides of the box. Loveshaw's microjet inkjet printer prints the date and product code on the box, and then the workers load the box onto the arrival tray

source: packagingbest China

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