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[Abstract] from the perspective of industrial competition, this paper analyzes the business opportunities brought by product packaging to businesses. Put forward the concept of overall "packaging of packaging" with personalization as the breakthrough. The specific operation methods are discussed

key words: packaging; Design; Personality; whole; Information

the last process of products before entering the market is packaging. Its function can be summarized as follows: protect new products - facilitate new products - beautify products. It is a category from material to spirit. Its ultimate goal at the highest level is to achieve higher added value for products and create more business opportunities for products

1. Current situation

from the perspective of economy, practicality and aesthetics, packaging design belongs to practical art design. People call for the beauty of design and attack the false packaging of goods at the same time. Packaging design is developing in a benign and orderly direction. Merchants have clearly realized that in the past, the introverted "good wine is not afraid of deep alleys" adapted to the fast-paced and white hot market competition, and the passive to active business competition prompted merchants to put more energy on market development - the hairpin of advertising marketing. Shopping malls are like battlefields, such as French suits, Pepsi Cola and other large-scale advertising blockbusters are also common. When people are shocked by the huge amount of advertising expenses, they seem to ignore the advertising opportunities hidden in the packaging of symphonies. In the eyes of today's businesses, packaging is nothing more than packaging. At best, it feels very good to inject some aesthetic factors and new functions. While integrating a large number of resources, they did not integrate packaging, a high-energy resource in direct contact with consumers due to the lack of effective supervision and management, into the overall marketing norms. A large number of commodity packages are displayed on the counter. Although they are colorful, they lack their own unique personality, which is the crux of the lack of attraction of most commodity packages at present. There must be commonalities in all living things, which is the same as "only the nation is the world". Some developed countries even put forward that "the best packaging is no packaging". Therefore, we might as well change the entry point of commodity packaging, start with individuality, realize differentiation under the premise of high quality and efficiency, highlight the advantages of brand integration, implement "big packaging", carry out generally personalized design, and strengthen pertinence, that is to say, we should carry out overall packaging of packaging

2. Packaging of packaging

Robert from Harvard Business School Hayes said, "15 years ago, enterprises competed by design." The extension of the meaning of "packaging" here refers to the marketing and promotion strategy of actively designing images. That is to reexamine the packaging of new products with a strategic perspective. There are many traditional packaging methods: display, promotion, elimination of vigilance, humor, etc. the specific methods also include: symbol priority, emotional expression, image display, graphic decoration, plot depiction, interest induction, etc. No matter what form or method, we should avoid the old pattern of "silly, big and complete", that is, a package has not only brand, product name and function, but also advertising language, advertising graphics, as well as a lot of information such as enterprise introduction, enterprise address, route, etc., which makes the whole package unbearable, let alone talk about any personality style. It is often thankless to want to be all inclusive. It should be noted that in addition to practical purposes, the more important purpose of the whole packaging is to occupy the attention of consumers. If there is too much information, the appeal points will be scattered. As soon as the appeal points are scattered, all the accommodation will become junk information. An excellent packaging design must make efficient use of effective smell, with the help of modern visual communication concept, even if the effective area is left blank, it will not give way to garbage information. As for those complex and necessary information, it can be put outside the golden display Perspective (back, side, inner), or weakened by the original method of adjusting the visual level. In addition, labels and new product manuals can also share the function of causing annotation. After consumers are interested in outsourcing cultivation and new products, they will naturally have a further detailed understanding. The object of packaging design is mainly visual first sense

packaging should start from three aspects: positioning, atmosphere and effect

2.1 positioning

developed countries put forward five "W" to calibrate the comprehensive positioning of product design, that is, what (what)? For whom? When? Where? Why? These five "W" are the minimum requirements of positioning. As a packaging designer, we should make full market research before the design is launched. In addition, we should regularly do a good job in the cleaning of mechanical and electrical equipment. We should realize that any kind of design is not omnipotent, and the limitations are inevitable, and the limitations are also personality. How to combine this artificial design personality with the personality of the required packaging content, point to the first batch of potential audiences, let some people accept this personality first, then reach a consensus, and then drive the whole target group. This positioning must be a macro and overall planning to use the perspective of development. Only entrepreneurs, businesses and designers can participate in this framework. Among them, we should pay attention to:

(1) the level of local product positioning in the overall positioning is poor. When setting the design of different levels, we should consider their integrity and understand the truth of "the whole greatly affects the sum of parts", so that all parts can be characterized and harmonious around the whole, just like children in a family

(2) any kind of packaging design cannot remain unchanged in different economic environments and times. When considering the life cycle of design, we should consider whether the new design has continuity with the previous generation design. After identifying a brand and getting used to a design, grey consumers not only hope that this brand is progressiveness, but also hope that the brand will retain its original fine tradition. Therefore, as the overall design locator, in addition to considering the continuity, we should also consider whether the design has only transformable space. For a generation, we have our own mission, but our appearance and experience are different. The same kind of kinship

2.2 atmosphere

the integration of corporate cultural concepts and the camp of design atmosphere determine the vitality of three designs (that is, the psychological influence of design on the audience). For example, Nokia and Philips have achieved good results with the corporate spirit of "people-oriented" and "let us do better" respectively. In the era of knowledge economy, the original competition has gone beyond price, quality and service, and the final competition is the competition of cultural heritage. As individual commodities, they are also like lives. They are not only new material products, but also the bearer of enterprise spirit. Any individual design cannot be separated from the whole. As long as the individual design of one link is inappropriate, it will affect the overall image. Products are related to the life and death of enterprises, and individual design and the integration of the overall spiritual concept. Only with independent personality and charisma can this spiritual concept become the support of a good design atmosphere, so as to humanize the design atmosphere. Every living human percentage design will pour the wisdom and efforts of entrepreneurs, businesses and designers

2.3 effect

in addition to grasping the relationship between the packaging as a whole and the individual from a macro perspective, the final implementation is the design of non-metallic packaging in a narrow sense. This relationship between the whole and the individual reflects the establishment of the normative system and the application system. The standard system is the keynote setting of the overall design, the leading part and the unchanging part. The part that mother keeps in every three individuals' design is the link between each individual. The design requirements of the normative system are relatively inclusive and plastic. It can be perfectly unified when combined with all bodies. The application system is the extension and change of the standard system, with strong personality. It specifically represents the style of new products it carries, and emphasizes differentiation and independence. It is a specific life evolved by genes and has the only mission set by minerals. Packaging design includes container modeling, structural design and graphic design. Container modeling and structural design mainly solve the problems of aesthetic uniqueness, shape, hand feeling, convenient operation and protection of new products. Graphic design includes fonts, graphics and colors. The fonts are mainly divided into calligraphy and art characters. The introduction of calligraphy into packaging design emphasizes the Emotionalization of traditional colors and personality styles, which have unique specificity and are difficult to recreate, reflecting the beauty of art. It has high cultural added value; Art characters are rational fonts, which reflect the beauty of norms, science and design. They have high practical value and strong readability, and are a good carrier of general information. Graphics are mainly used on the surface of precision instruments, meters, precision measuring tools, and the friction surface of extremely important parts. There is a hand-painted style. In addition to the geometric style, there is a realistic photography style. Hand painting, like calligraphy, can convey more emotional information, while Kibo style is suitable for conveying scientific and rigorous rational information. Photography style is a reproduction performance, so that the audience can intuitively feel the product information, and the marketability is high. In addition, the color of the design also has great original plasticity and personality. Color is divided into advancing color (warm color) and receding color (cold color) according to the length of light wave, which itself can cause the general color emotional experience of the audience. The designer only needs to use the appropriate color combination according to the character of the new product. In short, the plane visual communication part must be concise and clear, well-organized, and have strong visual impetus and impact, so as to stand out from similar products

1. Conclusion

look at packaging from a long-term perspective, and integrate the enterprise spirit and cultural concepts, making the topic of packaging design a big article to do, which is a kind of light as heavy. However, every specific design should be pleasing to the eye. In order to imperceptibly transmit the main parts, anchors and anchor chains used in commodity shipyards, detection information must be carried out to achieve high added value and complete brand image building, so as to enhance the enterprise spirit. It is also a kind of lifting heavy as light. This trinity of entrepreneurs, merchants and designers, if the final effect can make people obtain aesthetic pleasure in business behavior, Complete business behavior in aesthetic pleasure

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