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Since the beginning of summer, the countryside has also unconsciously entered the "double grab" agricultural busy season, which needs to be completed in less than a month. 7. The last link of the technology exchange meeting is the exchange of interactive activities. Harvesting, ploughing and transplanting these heavy agricultural activities are more or less unbearable for farmers, and the addition of agricultural machinery can effectively liberate manpower, In this "double grab" season in full swing, agricultural machinery is also not "idle" for a moment. Farmers everywhere have driven their machines into their fields to prepare for the war

"double grab" at the right time, agricultural machinery is busy

Blue Mountain faces the "double grab" three measures to support the construction of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives

since entering the dog days, in the face of the demand of the masses for mechanization "double grab", the Agricultural Machinery Department of Blue Mountain County has taken the creation of a modern agricultural machinery cooperation organization as the starting point, and the three measures support the construction of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives: first, guide and support cooperatives to sign contracts for inorganic household operations, so that inorganic Unable households can inform the manufacturer of the experimental machine to use it, so as not to miss the agricultural time; Second, organize agricultural machinery service teams to be close to cooperative organizations and machine operators, so that members can make good use of machines; Third, help cooperatives strengthen internal management, strictly implement the safe production system of agricultural machinery, and make cooperative organizations effective

Dongxiang: the farm machinery maintenance team provides on-site service to ensure "double grab"

in order to better serve the "double grab" production of farm machinery, 13 farm machinery mobile service teams have been established in this area, which organize technicians to go to villages and households, help and supervise the maintenance, debugging and overhaul of various agricultural machinery, and launch 24-hour services to provide on-site services for farmers around the clock. Up to now, the agricultural machinery maintenance team has overhauled more than 400 agricultural machinery and provided more than 300 on-site services

On July 19, the harvester, rotary cultivator and seedling transplanter of Dachang agricultural machinery professional cooperative in Sanjia Township arrived at Shishan group, Xiufeng village, and began its "double grab" service journey. This year, the large grain farmers and most grain farmers in Lianyuan can enjoy the whole process or single service of agricultural machinery. In the 650 Mu double cropping rice planting base of pingkang planting professional cooperative in dututang Town, Huang Guangming, a clean person in charge, told with a smile that the mechanization of the whole process from rice sowing to rice transplanting to harvesting, there is no need to worry about delaying farming hours and heavy work while trying to accurately predict future market trends and market dynamics. Harvesting, threshing, straw returning to the field, rice transplanting and other "double grabbing" work can be completed efficiently and synchronously. On average, each harvester has reduced 7 labor forces. Now, through the use of mechanization, the labor intensity has been reduced and the labor cost has been reduced. "Farming has become easier and more thoughtful."

in the busy farming season, in addition to the "hardware" of the machine, the soft power to ensure the smooth progress of the "double grab" cannot be ignored, such as the demand for water and electricity

Poyang power supply field service helps "double grab"

at this time of "double grab" season, in order to do a good job in the power demand and farmers' electricity safety during the "double grab", Poyang County power supply department mobilized and deployed early, launched the "double grab" power protection emergency plan, focused on monitoring heavy-duty lines, equipment, important stations and areas, and set up "double grab" power protection service teams in each power supply station to go deep into the field, Carry out safety inspection of agricultural drainage lines, help farmers maintain, debug and overhaul all kinds of agricultural electric machinery, build temporary lines, strengthen 24-hour duty, facilitate the majority of users to handle temporary electricity business, and provide "zero distance" services for "double grab" production. At the same time, actively publicize the common sense of safe electricity use and the knowledge of power facility protection, provide technical guidance to users on site, and timely stop the phenomenon of private pulling and random connection, so as to ensure the safe electricity use of farmers

Longxi Town, Linchuan District: centralized cleaning of channels to ensure "double grab" water

in order to ensure agricultural irrigation water during the "double grab" period, recently, Longxi Town, Linchuan District has concentrated on the comprehensive cleaning of silt and weeds in the main channels within its jurisdiction, and the maintenance and fixation of channel landslides and landslides. The town takes the dredging work as an effective prerequisite for drought prevention, drought resistance and irrigation protection to support Chinese enterprises to participate in the Malaysian economic development plan and the construction of Youth City and other projects, and mobilizes village cadres and the masses to actively participate in the channel dredging work, grasp the time and speed up, and strive to achieve the best results in the shortest time and fastest speed

at present, the town has cleared a total of 12 kilometers of channels, transported more than 5000 cubic meters of channel silt and weeds, and the main irrigation channels are smooth, with normal water flow speed and flow, laying a solid foundation for the next "double grab" water use and drought relief work

"double grabbing" is a lingering memory of many rural people. Only those who have experienced the hardships and bitterness will understand it. Now, with the blessing of agricultural machinery, coupled with the innovative application of science and technology, planting and harvesting can be seamlessly connected, and "double grabbing" has also become easier

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