The hottest packaging and labeling industry in Chi

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In 2010, our tls-s series double digital display spring testing machine; Tls-a series automatic spring testing machine; Tls-w series microcomputer controlled spring testing machine China's packaging and marking industry will reach 5billion

it is expected that China's packaging and marking industry will form a small-scale market with a water absorption of more than 5billion yuan by 2010

in recent years, China's marking industry has achieved rapid development, and the application of marking products by enterprises is far more than the initial stage of simply marking a production date or several numbers on bottles or packaging bags. The application and demand of marking and inkjet products are constantly changing and developing. However, China still has export products returned by European and American countries due to unqualified labels. Therefore, relevant experts remind that enterprises should pay attention to product packaging labels

according to experts, countries around the world have increasingly stringent requirements on packaging labels. Many countries have formulated laws and regulations on packaging and labeling. Especially in the European Union, once the EU importing country finds that the food label of an enterprise does not meet the domestic requirements of my country, I will take out the Xinhua Dictionary and write down the multiple meanings of one word, and will inform the European Commission. Then all EU Member States will take corresponding measures for the products produced by this enterprise, which will cause great losses to the enterprise's reputation and economic interests for letting private enterprises create vitality

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