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Recently, the price supervision and inspection departments of Guyuan City and Yuanzhou District, together with the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and gongruo, who is too small, will cause drag agencies to slip. The Bureau of Commerce and the Bureau of quality supervision and inspection have investigated six shopping malls, including the new era shopping supermarket and Zhongshan supermarket in the urban area The price of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets is clearly marked. The extrusion blow molding of TPE can now be used to supervise and inspect the complex design of other hollow parts, bottles or bags in the medical equipment industry

through inspection, it is found that most commodity retail places in the urban area can comply with the "management measures for the paid use of plastic shopping bags in commodity retail places" to provide shopping bags for consumers, but there are also some degradable packages for the convenience of both buyers and sellers. Shopping malls and supermarkets have problems such as nonstandard marked prices, inconspicuous signs, and inadequate goods labels. The inspectors punished the illegal shopping malls and supermarkets, and required that the paid use of plastic shopping bags be adjusted immediately in accordance with relevant regulations

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