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MTN and Huawei successfully tested the transmission of SDN and 2.4t wavelength division system

MTN, the world's leading telecom operator, and Huawei jointly announced that the two sides have successfully completed the current test of transmission of SDN and 2.4t wavelength division. This test is the most intelligent and fastest wavelength division network test at present, marking new progress in cooperation and innovation between the two sides and walking at the forefront of network evolution research and development

in this test, MTN group chose to verify in South Africa. With the emergence of new services such as cloud computing, streaming media and mobile broadband, MTN urgently needs a wider, smarter and more flexible OTN network. This test fully verifies that Huawei's SDN based flex optical network optical network evolution concept is in line with MTN's future business development needs

the current test of the single channel 2.4t wavelength division system is based on the existing optical fiber network of MTN South Africa, with a distance of more than 300 meters, so its control function is high. The scheme adopts the leading 16QAM. The test tube is produced by using the modulation technology of the MHT mold and the mold made by the hot runner technology company. It uses 8 subcarrier Super channels. The net rate of a single subcarrier reaches 300g, which is compatible with the existing 50GHz spacer network. The net spectral efficiency reaches 6bit/s/hz, which is equivalent to the 24t capacity of the C-band, which is three times the capacity of the current mainstream 100g commercial system. At the same time, the long-distance 2T scheme of QPSK coding is also tested, and the total transmission length of no power relay is 1031 kilometers

in addition to the massive system capacity, the test also verified the latest BOD (bandwidth on demand) and VTS (virtual transport service) features of Huawei's SDN transmission scheme for the first time. Through BOD, customers can independently and in real time issue services and expand pipeline capacity to meet the high-efficiency and flexible requirements of customer services, so as to realize the monetization of bandwidth. VTS based app application provides different tenants with proprietary virtual networks, and each tenant can carry out business innovation in their own virtual private networks in a timely and flexible manner. The scheme also realizes how to correctly eliminate the faults of Jinan assaying tensile testing machine through a variety of optical signals through software: the dynamic adjustment of code type in the process of use, so as to realize the flexible configuration of service capacity and transmission distance, and take another important step towards the flexible and programmable dynamic network in the future

Navi Naidoo, chief technology officer of MTN group, said: we are very happy to carry out innovative cooperation with Huawei in the field of SDN and ultra-high speed optical transmission technology, which has been successfully verified at present. Based on Huawei SDN based flex optical ne, in order to accurately judge whether the solenoid valve is a fault and a single valve that has a fault, and avoid disassembly as much as possible, first remove the four hoses connecting the upper and lower collets, and use two to connect with each other, which can effectively deal with the challenges of future digital floods and help MTN provide more innovative businesses

Zha Jun, President of Huawei's fixed network business department, said: Huawei will work closely with MTN to jointly innovate, promote the commercialization of SDN and ultra-high speed optical transmission technology, and meet the challenges of the digital future together with MTN

as a commercial leader in the SDN field, Huawei actively promotes the development of the sdn/nfv industrial chain based on the concepts of openness, cooperation, innovation and win-win results, realizes the transformation and optimization of the existing network architecture of operators, is committed to building a future oriented SDN architecture network for customers, promotes the network application of SDN in mobile bearer, data center, backbone, Metro intelligent pipeline and other scenarios, and continues to lead the commercialization process of Sdn, Help operators embrace the SDN commercial era

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