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Multi lock point and single lock point hardware directly affect the air tightness of doors and windows

there are many kinds of door and window hardware that affect the sealing performance of doors and windows; According to the sealing performance of doors and windows, it can be roughly divided into two categories: multi lock point hardware and single lock point hardware

the lock points and lock seats of multi lock hardware are distributed around the whole door and window; When the doors and windows are locked, the lock points and lock seats are firmly buckled together, and cooperate with the hinge (hinge) or sliding support to jointly produce a strong sealing compression force, so that the sealing strip is elastically deformed, so as to provide sufficient sealing performance for the doors and windows, so that the leaves and frames form an integral whole if the sample is broken outside the marking line; Therefore, multi lock hardware has many advantages for the sealing of doors and windows, which can greatly improve the sealing performance of doors and windows. The sealing performance of single lock point hardware is relatively poor. Because a single lock point can only provide single point locking on the opening side of the door and window, matching with the hinge (hinge) or sliding brace can only produce 3 or 4 locking points, resulting in four corners of the door and window in an unconstrained state. Therefore, the friction and wear performance of grease, etc., from the gap between the two unconstrained corners to the locking point, seriously reduces the sealing performance of the door and window. Take the arrangement of lock points on the handle side as an example: set the window width as B, the window height as h, and the bending stiffness of the window sash as E × 1. It can be divided into single locking point, two locking points and three locking points (the distance between the locking point and the fan edge is not less than 0.1mm), which can be described as the most in the past years according to the mechanical formula; The maximum deformation value of the window sash handle side in the sealing direction is given in addition to the 12 articles put into production in 2015

it can be seen that the use of three locking points can greatly reduce the deformation of door and window leaves and improve the sealing performance

of course, under the condition that the strength is beneficial and the sealing requirements are met, too many locking points should not be used; Otherwise, it will cause waste

similarly, most of the hinges used in doors and windows need to cut off the sealant strip at the hinge position before they can be used; Have you considered the impact on air tightness caused by the installation of hinges? In fact, the negative effect of gap penetration caused by cutting off the sealant strip (and it is a crucial sealing position) on energy saving is basically ignored by everyone

we should pay enough attention to the effect of door and window hardware on the air tightness of doors and windows

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