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With multiple perspectives and enough depth, industry leaders gathered at the integrated circuit innovation and Application Exhibition

Product and Technology Exhibition + seminar, which is almost a fixed mode of domestic industry exhibition activities. While understanding the latest product technology trends in the industry, it is a great pleasure to share technical knowledge and industry information through lectures by professionals. However, people who often participate in such activities are often disappointed by the boastful full marketing or too vague speeches of some speakers. How to organize a high-quality seminar has also become a matter for major exhibition organizers

the planning team of the first Shenzhen integrated circuit innovation and application exhibition also faces these challenges. 4. When the experimental aircraft is out of service for a long time. However, they can breathe a sigh of relief when there is still a week left in the exhibition. The series of theme seminars that have been planned for half a year have all been well-known. We adhere to the theme of innovation and emphasize the quality of content. We believe that this year's seminar can be multi angle and deep enough to bring a series of high-quality summits and seminars to enterprise technical directors and engineers. Li Mingjun, general manager of Shenzhen siruida Media Co., Ltd., one of the organizers of the exhibition, said confidently. It is reported that in addition to Zhongxing microelectronics, Zhuhai Juli, Spreadtrum communications, and national technology, which have led China's semiconductor industry in recent years, to avoid unnecessary damage caused by non-standard operation, polyurethane waterproof coatings produced in China at the initial stage, such as Fuzhou Ruixin, Beijing Junzheng, arm, and IDT, are all representatives of tar modified domestic International manufacturers will bring the latest technology products to show. The external cantilever impact testing machine measures the impact resistance of materials when impacted by a pendulum. The two-day summit forum and seminar also invited senior executives of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as SMIC international, Zhongxing microelectronics, arm, Ruixin, yincan, China Resources Shanghua, Xinyuan microelectronics, to deliver special speeches, which can be called the gathering of industry heavyweights

multi angle in-depth analysis of innovative technologies and ideas

3g, portable consumer electronics, digital television, emerging medical electronic devices, etc. are the hot applications in the current electronic industry, and they are also the key areas covered by the series of summits and seminars of this electronic exhibition. Dozens of theme activities cut into and tap the innovative technologies and ideas in the hottest areas of the current electronic industry. The content of the seminar is arranged from multiple perspectives such as the industrial development thinking of the senior management of the enterprise, the analysis of the industrial information and the design technical scheme concerned by the engineers. The senior management of the industry-leading enterprises, senior technical experts, academic technology pioneers and industry analysts are invited to comprehensively explore the industrial information and innovative technology. Here, the marketing director of Ruixin will explore the opportunities for the integration of mobile Internet industry, and the president of arm China will discuss the consumer electronics industry in the cloud computing era with you. In addition, the forum will specially invite the scheme design company Beijing Zhongke Chuangda software technology company, who will share with you how to use the open platform to create a new experience of mobile computing

this forum has also done a lot in terms of technical depth. In addition to inviting professionals from the front line of enterprise design to give lectures on the application of shop floor integrated system in the field of programming, high-quality video processing and other special technologies, experts from Peking University, Harbin Institute of technology, Shenzhen University who have long been engaged in audio and video IP research, integrated circuit design method research and advanced medical equipment technology research will respectively discuss the development and application of voice recognition IP The design and application of high-end video coding IP, low-frequency, low-noise, low-power SoC Design for medical equipment and other topics are analyzed in-depth innovative technology

a luxury speech group composed of the president, three vice presidents and chief engineer of China Resources Shanghua Technology Co., Ltd., a leading analog wafer OEM in China, will build a platform for in-depth exchange of process technology for Chinese IC design enterprises from the themes of green power IC process platform solutions and digital TV IC process platform solutions, Here, IC design enterprises can fully understand the characteristics of the current mainstream semiconductor manufacturing process, and have in-depth interactive exchanges on the relevant links of IC design and streaming

in addition to the introduction of market, technical trends and solutions of industry experts and manufacturers, Shenzhen Semiconductor Association, one of the organizers, will continue to send industry analysts who have been in the forefront of the market for a long time to share their latest findings and research results, For example, Mr. Pan jiutang, who won acclaim last year for the analysis of Shanzhai topics and consumer electronics market opportunities, will share the recently released report on the latest status of the electronics industry in the Pearl River Delta and opportunities for domestic ICs. Experts from Shenzhen University will share the relevant research results of embedded medical IC in Shenzhen Key Laboratory of embedded system design through the seminar

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