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Shantui helps the construction of xiong'an new area to show the true colors of a great power and heavy equipment

Shantui helps the construction of xiong'an new area to show the true colors of a great power and heavy equipment

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recently, Shantui won another big order in the domestic market. A number of complete sets of equipment such as bulldozers, rollers and loaders were sold in batches to the construction center of xiong'an new area, helping the country accelerate the construction of the "millennium plan"

xiong'an new area, as the carrier of Beijing's non capital functions, has extremely strict requirements in the construction process. The state has proposed to create "xiong'an quality" and plan to build xiong'an new area with high standards and high quality. As a national brand selected as a "major power and important tool", Shantui once again uses excellent product quality to contribute to the construction of the motherland

"hard" strength ranks first in the world

Shantui has always been committed to manufacturing engineering machinery products that meet world standards. This belief stems from the craftsman spirit of excellence, from Shantui's nearly 40 years of historical accumulation, and from the continuous improvement of the quality assurance system. Shantui has a customized Shantui quality management system, manufacturing process quality control, procurement process quality control and market quality feedback mechanism, all of which provide the most solid guarantee for the quality of Shantui

not only that, Shantui has broken the long-standing monopoly of foreign construction machinery manufacturers on domestic large bulldozers, but also led the industrial technological innovation. At the just concluded French INTERMAT exhibition, Shantui released K-series full hydraulic bulldozers that meet European and American standards, filling the gap of domestic high-end full hydraulic products. At the same time, it launched dh17 series full hydraulic bulldozers that meet domestic working conditions, With high technical level, good quality performance and comfortable operation experience, it is popular with users

it is precisely because of these "hard" strengths that Shantui has established its position as one of the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers and one of the top 500 manufacturers in China. Moreover, bulldozers have occupied the first place in the domestic market share for many years, and the road, loading, excavation and mixing equipment have been highly determined by users

"high" efficiency makes "China's speed"

today's China has attracted worldwide attention for its development speed. Giant projects such as expressways and high-speed railways are constantly breaking world records. When the world is paying attention to "China's speed", Shantui is committed to manufacturing more efficient products to protect "China's speed"

as an important part of Shantui, after more than 20 years of development in the event of windows system failure, road machinery has grown into 15 series of road rollers, graders, milling machines, pavers, etc., with more than 100 products, covering all road construction machinery, and providing a complete set of road construction solutions

"high" efficiency means high-end products. How to create high-end products with high efficiency is the direction that Shantui road machinery has been striving for. In recent years, on the one hand, it has carried out three-dimensional digital collaborative design, CAE strength analysis and performance simulation analysis based on finite element, and the construction of PDM collaborative platform, which has improved the accuracy of design and the reliability of products. On the other hand, cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes has been strengthened. Users should conduct a series of inspections and exchanges on the fatigue testing machine every day before starting up and running, and a number of advanced scientific research achievements have been made

"good" reputation wins the trust of users

"customer satisfaction is our purpose", which stands in the plant area of Shantui headquarters. The future income of Huafeng spandex's new capacity is also deeply imprinted in the hearts of Shantui people. Being responsible to users and being good to users is the ultimate goal we pursue

Shantui has 31 agent service companies all over the country, has nearly 300 marketing service points, has formed a perfect and systematic service network, is equipped with sufficient after-sales service vehicles, and relies on advanced isoto, call center, GPS and other information management systems to win time and create benefits for users. In 2018, the service was upgraded again, and a new initiative of "one-stop" butler service was proposed. 1-year unlimited hours, upgraded 2-year or 3000 hour warranty service, warranty of key six core components, etc. Such timely, accurate and efficient after-sales service will enable every user to purchase and use without worry, and further meet the efficient construction needs in the construction of xiong'an new area

in the future, Shantui will adhere to "building an international first-class brand of construction machinery", continue to focus on "customer satisfaction is our purpose", contribute to the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry and contribute to the construction of the motherland

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