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Shantui's "starting from the heart to achieve value" series activities entered Hailar

Shantui's "starting from the heart to achieve value" series activities entered Hailar

www.63d On March 29, 2017, the spring promotion meeting of Shantui products with the theme of "starting from the heart to achieve value" was held in Hailar as scheduled. VIP customers represented by transportation, forestry, road administration and coal mine construction were invited to participate in the event, and about 200 customers were present

spring promotion meeting of "starting from the heart to achieve value" products of Shantui

the head of Shantui stock marketing division, Inner Mongolia Shantui and members of Shantui Hohhot office attended the promotion meeting and delivered a thank-you speech. The promotion meeting introduced the sd52 high-power bulldozer, dh17 full hydraulic bulldozer, sl53h loader and other products to customers. The reliable product quality and high-quality service of Shantui equipment were highly praised by customers. At the same time, we also prepared elaborate interactive activities and colorful programs for our customers. The atmosphere at the meeting was warm and the demand for orders was strong

the activity site

the conference site was popular with the signing of bills, and the medium and high horsepower bulldozers, road machinery products and loaders of Shantui fell in Inner Mongolia. The conference was a complete success, which well publicized the brand image of Shantui, and made Shantui products go deep into the hearts of the future modular, serialized, shared, special, professional, dynamic, intelligent and networked experimental machines, which won the first opportunity for the sales of Shantui products in Hulunbuir region

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