The most volcanic pusher held a handover ceremony

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In the past few years, Shantui held a delivery ceremony in Peru's ultra-high altitude mining areas. Shantui held a delivery ceremony in Peru's ultra-high altitude mining areas. Recently, Shantui's Latin America business department, in collaboration with the parts service personnel, successfully held a bulldozer delivery ceremony in Peru's 5000 meter ultra-high sea in the second quarter, which reached the same growth rate, and achieved a new breakthrough in the sales of Peru's plateau mining areas

as a "secret" stall owner, he answered that the mining area has always been a must for all construction machinery manufacturers. The mining industry in the Andean plateau is developed, but it is sparsely populated and cold and oxygen deficient. Many equipment will have difficulties in starting and emit black smoke in the high altitude environment. In response to this problem, the Latin American business department made full use of the supporting scheme of Shantui Weichai integrated platform, cooperated with technical personnel for many field visits, and made optimal recommendations on the engine and vehicle configuration according to the operating conditions, so that the equipment bid farewell to the "altitude reaction", delivered the vehicle smoothly in the remote Andes and won high praise from users, further expanding the sales scope of Shantui in Latin America

in 2019, the Latin American business department will actively respond to the company's call, take "customer satisfaction as the purpose", attack in many ways, work deeply and carefully, and contribute to the development of Shantui's overseas business. Technical parameters and technical performance indicators

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