Qianbian cabinet King Guizhou cengong store's sign

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The signing activity of qianbian ark King Guizhou cengong store was successfully concluded

on July 23, 2011, from 14:30 to 17:30 p.m., the signing activity of qianbian ark King Guizhou cengong store was held as scheduled. In order to participate in this signing activity, President Wang and his delegation flew from Guangzhou to cengong, Guizhou during the summer holiday, just to send a big gift and sincerity to the vast number of consumers in cengong, Guizhou. The signing activity has not officially started yet, and the store has been crowded, with an endless stream of customers coming to inquire and make an appointment. More customers have been sticking to the scene without lunch, waiting until the beginning of the signing. However, cengong store of qianbian wardrobe king has carefully prepared a delicate dining car for everyone, including cakes, fruits, drinks, candy... Everything, creating a relaxed atmosphere

this signing activity is the first large-scale signing activity of qianbian King wardrobe in Guizhou in the past year. The lowest discount is shared by Guizhou city, and the promise of "double return if there is a price difference" is made to Guizhou friends, which fully shows the strength and sincerity of this activity. Many friends from Guizhou also came to buy. Soon after the on-site signing began, it broke through the hundred orders barrier. Our store will officially open on August 15. Consumers are welcome to buy

all staff of the king of change wardrobe will serve the majority of consumers wholeheartedly and provide better wardrobe for hundreds of millions of families in China





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