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Homogenization is an old topic for household enterprises. The intense market competition and the mixed situation of industry brands have made the household industry, including the wardrobe industry, a disaster area for "imitation" and "imitation". However, with the continuous development of economy and the upgrading of market consumption, the "overflow" of product homogenization will undoubtedly bring infinite "hidden dangers" to the development of the whole industry. In this regard, the industry has proposed to use "differentiation" to resolve "homogenization". The wardrobe should use differentiation to resolve homogenization, and the whole house custom furniture should join dewell

the phenomenon of product homogenization "spread"

for the wardrobe industry, homogenization is an obvious problem that cannot be solved overnight. The so-called "homogenization" refers to the phenomenon that different brands of goods in the same category imitate each other in performance, appearance and even marketing means, and then gradually converge. The product varieties are repeated, and the substitution is strong. The market competition behavior formed on the basis of product homogenization is called homogenization competition. The homogenization of the wardrobe industry has a long history. Many consumers are "confused" about the products of major enterprises. Major enterprises are also at a loss in the homogenization competition. Some have been imitated, and some have been unable to find their own way so far. It can be seen that telling the story of Chinese brands is not so simple

the homogenization of the wardrobe industry spreads inside and outside the products, and the wardrobe industry cannot escape the fate of being copied. It mainly has these phenomena: the same name, similar appearance, similar performance, consistent concept, similar marketing means and services. Plagiarism occurs from time to time, causing the wardrobe industry to become a disaster area of "imitation" and "being imitated". Design is an important part with high technical content. The designed appearance and product concept require a lot of effort from the team. However, because the appearance of the wardrobe is easy to be imitated, and the product concept and name are easy to be tampered with, the product appearance and concept of well-known enterprises are extremely easy to be plagiarized by other enterprises with ulterior motives

for enterprises with independent brands and innovation awareness, their own R & D achievements and design ideas have been plagiarized, and they are distressed but helpless; For other enterprises that copy, they have gained short-term benefits by confusing the public, but such follow-up plagiarism is doomed to be difficult for them to last long. In addition, the means of marketing and the services of stores are also similar. There will be a wave of "marketing tide" on holidays, and the explanations provided by stores are the same ideas and processes, so that consumers can't feel the differences between enterprises

homogenization is detrimental to the benign development of the industry

under such circumstances, what adverse effects will these homogenization phenomena bring to consumers and enterprises? From the perspective of consumers, most consumers are laymen. They don't know how to distinguish the situation of the enterprise in the industry and the production process of the product itself. They can't see the quality problem of the product from the appearance. Most of the time, they rely on perceptual cognition to consume. They think these products sound good, and the conditions in all aspects are similar. It doesn't matter which one to choose. But at this juncture, a very important problem has emerged. Many consumers will choose cheaper products because the products are "similar". Businesses are forced to fight a "price war" and post attractive prices for customers, but such price competition is detrimental to businesses and consumers. Consumers are secretly happy, thinking that the sky will drop the pie, but they don't know that the poor quality will bring endless future troubles in the later stage

some businesses refuse to reduce the price and feel that their products are of good quality and should be worth the price, but they are facing the risk of losing customer groups, and half heartedly positioning the customer groups as high-end consumers, thus giving up part of the market; Some businesses follow the trend, attract consumers with relatively low prices, and try to sell at a small profit, but when can this "small profit" make the enterprise go to another level? This has to be a question

strong enterprises can still stand in such competition and invest in the improvement of products and services with their remaining competitiveness and advantages, but they cannot give up the construction of brands and the improvement of products and services, otherwise they will eventually be drowned by many "rookies". Those small and medium-sized enterprises that are still developing and growing are facing a more dangerous situation. In the growth period of enterprises, they are faced with "price competition". They are forced to give up part of the funds used to improve products and services and focus on "volume" marketing

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