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Balcony is a necessary pattern for home decoration, because it can absorb the breeze and sunshine of nature, and it has become the closest place to nature in home life. In geomantic omen, the balcony absorbs the sunlight, air and rain outside the house, which is the place where the house receives gas. Therefore, the balcony plays a very important role in the feng shui of the whole house

balcony decoration Feng Shui orientation layout

because most balconies are open, and there is only a glass door or curtain to separate from the living room, it is very vulnerable to the adverse environment and noise of the outside world. Therefore, the orientation and Feng Shui of the balcony need to be considered carefully. Some balconies make people feel comfortable and comfortable, not because of others, but because of its good orientation, wide vision, good lighting and ventilation, full of vitality and vitality, making people feel comfortable in harmony with nature

generally speaking, the orientation of the balcony is better to face east or south. The balcony faces the south, that is, the smoke comes from the south. The smoke and warmth are pleasant and intoxicating. The balcony faces the north. One bad thing is that the northeast wind, which is colder in winter, is easy to roar in. It was already cold in winter. Coupled with this, it will be even more out of control. The balcony should not face west. If the house is exposed to the sun every day, and the heat still fails to dissipate at night, the health of the whole family will be affected

balcony decoration Feng Shui needs to be clean and refreshing

even if the balcony is just a place for stacking sundries and washing and drying clothes. However, as an important space for communication between the house and the outside world, keeping the balcony clean and tidy is a crucial link to improve the overall home environment

if the balcony is used for rest and catering, it is recommended to put a small number of folding tables and chairs to avoid occupying space and making the balcony look messy

balcony decoration Feng Shui curtain shielding

in order to prevent being exposed to strong sunlight when the balcony is resting in midsummer, relatively solid textiles or bamboo curtains and curtains can also be used to make a sunshade, which not only has the function of decoration and beautification, but also can block the wind and rain, and effectively prevent the invasion of external air on the balcony

there are 3 pages in total. Page 1: 123 next page in Feng Shui, the balcony is an air vent, so it is necessary to keep it bright. Do not set too thick curtains in the balcony to make it extremely dark. If the air coming in from the vent is not fresh enough, it is very detrimental to the occupants

balcony decoration Feng Shui can be used as a place for greening

home balcony is generally the preferred place for green plants. The balcony camp will become a paradise for plants, and the use of plants to beautify the balcony can achieve the effect of purifying the air, getting close to nature, and improving the quality of the home

in Feng Shui, bonsai can be placed on the balcony. There are many plants suitable for planting on the balcony, which can be roughly divided into two categories: flourishing and evil. If you look out from the balcony and there are beautiful mountains and rivers nearby without any evil spirits, you should put those plants that can produce prosperous effects. Generally speaking, balcony plants that have a thriving effect on Feng Shui are tall and stout, and the thicker and larger the leaves, the greener, the better, such as evergreen, money tree, Brazilian iron tree, rubber tree, palm bamboo and fortune tree, etc

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I believe that most of the groups who buy houses now are young post-80s generation. This is also their first time to buy a house. They are not good at decoration, and they know nothing about decoration Feng Shui. They think it is an old thing of the last century and disdain it. In fact, we can't generalize. Feng Shui also has certain scientific principles. Let's take the example of the head of the bed facing Feng Shui

facing Feng Shui at the head of the bed mainly involves the quality of human sleep, broader physical health and family harmony. Anyway, a good bedside facing Feng Shui can make people eat well, sleep soundly, and have a great body. On the contrary, a bad bedside facing feng shui will make people sleepless, dreamy and upset, resulting in family smoke and all kinds of troubles

introduction to Feng Shui at the head of the bed

first of all, let's see which geographical direction the head of the bed faces is better and beneficial to the human body. It is generally believed that the bed is best placed along the north-south direction, because the geographical magnetic field is the north-south direction, ensuring that the human body sleeps in the same direction as the magnetic line of force can make it easier for people to fall asleep

bed head facing Feng Shui taboo

on the contrary, bed head facing west is considered very unlucky. The West has always been considered as the paradise, where people die, and living people facing that direction is very detrimental to their own health. And the east-west direction is the direction of the earth's rotation. If you sleep West, your blood often collides with your head, making your sleep unstable

bed head facing Feng Shui taboo

in addition, bed head facing Feng Shui also pays attention not to be opposed to the door. If the head of the bed is facing the door, anyone who enters will have a glance at the situation on the bed, without any privacy, affecting the rest of the people on the bed. And the people in bed can't see the situation at the door, and they also feel unsafe. The head often accepts the wind at the door, which is also easy to induce headaches and other diseases

headboard facing Feng Shui taboo

headboard facing Feng Shui also pays attention to being solid rather than empty, that is to say, headboard facing the wall is better than facing the window, or nothing behind it. By the way, the head of the bed can't face the toilet, kitchen, sewer, stairs, etc. these places are either places where the air flow is very unstable, or dirty and unsanitary places, which are harmful to human health

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