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1、 There are a large number of residual floors ---- recycling companies

if there are a large number of residual floors at home, you can consider searching some businesses specializing in recycling floors. They will mainly recycle some brand-new residual floors and some waste floors. This is certainly a method to minimize the loss of each GGMM, but it should be noted that they have high requirements for the quality of floors and prefer famous brand floors, The required quality and reuse value are relatively high. I forgot the name of the one we were looking for, but I can search it online. There are many

second, the number of remaining floors is relatively small - - turn waste into treasure

* excess wood floors can be spliced into shelves and flower racks

nail a stainless steel bracket on the wall of your balcony, and then put several pieces of floor leftovers together on the bracket to become a flower rack for potted flowers. She also put these leftover materials on the floor of the storage room after splicing, so that even if there are heavy objects on it, it is equivalent to two layers of floor protection, which is not a big deal. This method is also applicable to the place where the water dispenser is placed. Cut out the area similar to the size of the bottom of the water dispenser with leftover materials, which is equivalent to an additional support of the solid wood floor. When pouring water, the boiled water will not directly leak onto the wood floor

* wood floor scraps can be used for paving again

the standard size of domestic solid wood floor is 90cm. This kind of floor has special-shaped interfaces in the front, back, left and right, commonly known as lock. At present, the assembly of high-end wood floors needs to be connected through locks. If the front and rear interfaces are just sawn off when sawing the floor, the remaining middle part of the floor will be more troublesome when assembling again. It needs to lay another layer of blockboard base on the floor dragon before it can be used again. If the sawn floor has an interface, and the remaining size is more than 30 cm, because the width of the earthworm is 30 cm, it can be easily reused

when paving wood flooring in China, everyone likes the standard size with the same length, so the waste is large. The loss of 100 square meters of solid wood flooring after paving is about 4-7 square meters. But if used properly, this loss can be reduced. If the floors above 30 cm are paved under the bed, 2-3 square meters can be paved with waste. If the floor price is calculated at 200 yuan per square meter, it is equivalent to saving 400-600 yuan




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