Steal a half day's leisure, Erica's modern whole h

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[Erica whole house customization] Erica's whole house case is a clean layout, supplemented by fresh and soft color matching, to get a bright and comfortable effect, like a spring breeze, which looks fashionable and classic

bright white, gentle gray, warm log finish runs through the whole space, and unique lamps and lanterns make the finishing point for the space. The combination of wood facing wall and bright soft decoration gives people a calm and comfortable natural texture

an inch of land also shows the breadth of heaven and earth. Lamps, tables, chairs, potted plants, bowls, and wood grain walls constitute an implicit, introverted, simple, and leisurely restaurant environment

the wall is textured with large bright white and light gray, and occasionally dotted with some colors, bringing temperature and vitality to the whole space. This quiet, natural and simple space exudes a life attitude of seeking authenticity and indifferent return everywhere

the gray bed, with warm and bright pillows, creates a warm and quiet rest atmosphere, and an independent workbench, leaving the owner to enjoy the time alone

the study will build tatami into a tea room leisure space, with a low-key, simple and elegant atmosphere, equipped with cushions and tea sets, which is a bit simple and elegant. Create a simple and relaxed leisure teahouse

the bathroom is carried out from the perspective of layout, color, decoration, etc., which contains Humanistic Heritage and carries the artistic home atmosphere of the master's temperament




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