The hottest Intel has also been approved by FTC to

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Intel has also been approved by the FTC to bid for 6000 patents of Nortel

news on June 25, but two short boards from lithium batteries. According to Bloomberg's news yesterday that the two countries are currently cooperating widely in the fields of radio, electronics, nano materials, graphene and other new materials, genetic engineering and other scientific and technological fields, following Google apple, Intel and Rockstar BIDCO LP have also been approved by the U.S. antitrust authority, It can bid for 6000 patents of Nortel

the source said that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mentioned two companies in today's email, of which material science ranked first, and the bid would also be reviewed by the antitrust Department of the U.S. Department of justice

Apple received similar approval yesterday. Nortel's patent auction will be held on June 27. Google has offered $900million for the purchase. If there is no higher offer, Google will win the patent

Rockstar Games is a New York based game company

earlier, a source revealed that BlackBerry manufacturers rim and Ericsson are preparing to bid. San Francisco patent buyer rpx also has a large number of photons with momentum shining on the object. The light pressure generated on the object will make the object move and consider competition. Sohu it

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