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On July 23, Intel held a symposium on Intel neural network computing technology for vision industry in Shangri La Hotel, Hangzhou. At the conference, industry giants were invited to share relevant cases and future cooperation and development opportunities around technology and technology in the field of vision. Kangshida was invited to participate in the conference Industry leader Weishi Co., Ltd. jointly exhibited the case of machine vision applications adsorbing harmful gases

on site review of the conference

at this seminar, Intel proposed a variety of visual processing technologies and solutions, and launched 23 The automatic diagnosis function converts visual data into openvino toolkit for business insight, which helps enterprises quickly realize the development of high-performance computer vision and deep learning on the edge side, opens up a solid innovation path for intelligent vision, and provides more possibilities for innovative intelligent vision

on site display of ComStar machine vision program

in the era of artificial intelligence, machine vision has become the core module of the commissioning of Zhongzhou aluminum metallurgical alumina energy conservation and emission reduction project, and ComStar machine vision control is convenient for users; By loading industrial software, such as machine vision software, the device realizes multi-channel image data acquisition and analysis of product surface defects, and creates real production automation. At the same time, through the rapid analysis and processing of edge big data, it creates an efficient and fast system diagnosis and prediction. Improve manufacturing efficiency, optimize production process and management

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