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Intel drives smart Internet home to 5g fast lane

recently, there has been a heated discussion about 5g and how it can improve the way we live, work and play. Home fixed wireless access is one of the first areas where 5g will have a great impact. In the future, 5g smart Internet home will provide Gigabit broadband, wider home coverage, and trusted connections, so as to finally provide a new personalized home experience. At the international consumer electronics exhibition held at the beginning of this year, where such methods are mainly used in impact experiments, Intel discussed how to start from a solid foundation for truly intelligent interconnected families. In terms of realizing 5g potential, the transformation of cloud, network and equipment is the key. It is crucial that Intel now lay the foundation for the road to 5g smart Internet home. It includes reliable connection and safe management of all equipment, data and connections in the home, which can be directly connected to eight single ended analog devices

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interconnection: always

in order to transform the family from simple interconnection to real intelligence, the connection must become as reliable, ubiquitous and always as water and electricity. The home network must also be safe enough to protect every device it connects. Therefore, how can Intel achieve this goal? For the home network, Intel provides an optimal Wi Fi solution The solution is that even if consumers rapidly increase the number of connected devices at home, they can also provide smooth stability, which is not as good as the first drive system experience. Intel home Wi Fi chipset wav500 series is a unique product in the industry, which allows up to 128 clients to share the same bandwidth at the same time, and still maintains the aggregated Gigabit speed. Intel also recently announced the launch of McAfee secure home platform, which can automatically protect connected devices on users' home networks from various threats. Through these leading technologies, Intel's partners can provide powerful home networking solutions with the strong connectivity and enhanced security that consumers need

transform the home digital experience

quantumt9 router can provide multi device high-speed connection at the same time

humax is cooperating with Intel to launch a home network solution, which can provide faster and more secure connection as more connected devices enter the home. Humax decided to adopt Intel technology and McAfee secure home platform for its quantumt9 router, so that they can provide high-speed connection and enable consumers to easily and safely connect more devices at home. Through the wav500 series of Intel home Wi Fi chipset, quantum T9 router will have dedicated and consistent processing performance, which can simultaneously handle the connection needs of more and more devices at home, so as to provide high-speed performance for downloading movies, playing games and live broadcasting 4K content. Quantum T9 router, which has been sold through designated retailers since April 2017, also uses MU-MIMO technology to efficiently allocate Wi Fi bandwidth between different devices. At the same time, it also uses intelligent service quality that can classify different types of network traffic and automatically prioritize them, so as to achieve a more seamless experience in today's and future connected homes

looking forward to the future, 5g smart Internet home will enrich people's daily life, simplify the operation tasks of a family, and provide people with peace of mind. Today's advances in connectivity and security are paving the way for this future

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