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Application of founder hyperline in packaging anti-counterfeiting

shading anti-counterfeiting is an anti-counterfeiting printing technology with the lowest cost and excellent anti-counterfeiting effect. The main feature of shading anti-counterfeiting is that lines are completely used for anti-counterfeiting, and can produce rich changes. The anti-counterfeiting design is completed in the plate making process and realized in printing, without adding additional production costs, and the anti-counterfeiting performance is high. In addition, the effect of this kind of line can not be copied by general software, and the accumulated experience of the original designers of various technologies such as optics, spectrum technology, printing technology can also be used, Together with shading anti-counterfeiting production software, it realizes various anti-counterfeiting application technologies such as refraction, unlocking, latent image and so on

founder hyperline is a professional safety shading design and production software. Founder hyperline safety shading and anti-counterfeiting system belongs to plate making and anti-counterfeiting. It is a shading design system independently developed by founder of Peking University after detailed investigation. It is mainly used for anti-counterfeiting packaging, anti-counterfeiting trademarks, securities, anti-counterfeiting plate making of refractive treatment of craft products, etc. its output follows the international standard postscript and is applicable to a variety of rip

founder hyperline has attracted the attention of many packaging and printing enterprises after its launch, but there are still some questions about the actual production situation of founder hyperline used in packaging and printing enterprises, mainly reflected in the following aspects

I. is founder hyperline compatible with the design software currently used by packaging and printing enterprises

at present, some packaging and printing enterprises have adopted anti-counterfeiting shading design software, but the use effect is not very good. The reason is very simple, because the design software used in packaging and printing design is generally illustrator, CorelDRAW, freehand, and has been well integrated with the printing process. After using anti-counterfeiting shading design software, it is not well compatible with these software, For example, the results of anti-counterfeiting shading design software cannot be modified, colored, trapping (trapping) and other work in illustrator, CorelDRAW, freehand and other software

and founder hyperline software can directly generate AI files that support PC and apple platforms, and can be opened directly with illustrator, CorelDRAW, freehand and other software to do modification, coloring, trapping (trapping) and other work

II. Will the safety shading of founder hyperline design affect the design style of the packaging box

shading or other anti-counterfeiting elements will not affect the overall design style of the packaging box for the following reasons:

1 The application of anti-counterfeiting elements, such as tuanfua, latent image and microfilm, on the packaging box is generally local, such as the buckle part of the medicine box, which does not affect the overall style of the design

2. The color of shading printing is generally light, so it can't be seen if you don't look carefully, which will not affect the beauty of the whole packaging box. The color depth can be set according to the difference between the human eye and the scanner for color resolution, so that the scanner can't scan out, but the human eye can distinguish

3. For designers, effects such as embossment, refraction, lace and so on are equivalent to adding several new design elements. Cooperating with the traditional packaging box design can provide more design ideas to achieve the effect of beauty, eye-catching, easy to understand and anti-counterfeiting

III. what are the commonly used safety shading elements in packaging and printing at present, and why can anti-counterfeiting be achieved

the commonly used anti-counterfeiting shading elements in packaging and printing include Tuan Hua, curve relief, image relief, lace, latent image, miniature text, shading, variable linewidth curve analog image, refraction, graphic filtering, etc. The security shading anti-counterfeiting function can be understood as:

1 Prevent imitation. On the one hand, it is difficult for imitators to produce similar effects with ordinary software according to the finished products, on the other hand, it is difficult to imitate even using the same software

the most commonly used line in the founder hyperline safety shading design system is the sine line, and the sine line is difficult to draw by hand with general software, while many functions provided in founder hyperline, such as flowers, curve relief, lace, image relief, lines with thickness changes, curve simulation images, etc., are difficult to complete with other software. There is a lot of randomness in the production of Tuan Hua and lace. Even if you use the same software, it is difficult to make them exactly the same

the functions of image relief and curve simulation image show an image effect described by lines on the finished product. Without the original dot matrix image, it is impossible to make such an effect, and it is also impossible to scan it (see the following anti scanning part)

2. Anti scanning. The use of modern ultra-high precision (optical resolution of more than 5000dpi) scanners or photographic plate making equipment can not reproduce the lines of the plate pattern. The work of safety shading design itself has the function of anti scanning. The reason is very simple. The scanning must generate a little image, and the safety shading is composed of lines. Although the top-level scanner has the function of scanning lines, which can copy an ordinary line print after the hydrostatic strength equipment has arrived, if you carefully analyze it, this top-level scanner also has certain limitations, that is, 1) it cannot recognize color lines, but only single black lines; 2) Lines with thickness changes cannot be recognized, but lines with uniform width can only be recognized; 3) Lines and points cannot be recognized at the same time

the lines with variable thickness generated by founder hyperline are difficult to scan with a scanner, especially when using this line to describe image information, it is impossible to copy; In the production process, it is impossible to purposefully combine lines with dots (production skills), set lines of different colors, etc

and the design in founder hyperline plus some special skills and processes in printing cannot be scanned at all, such as refraction effect, rainbow printing, unlocking anti-counterfeiting, etc

the safety shading elements of founder hyperline design can be used:

1) anti counterfeiting safety design and manufacturing of product outer packaging

2) anti counterfeiting of product inner packaging: such as back cover, cover, insert, etc

3) anti counterfeiting of product contents; Such as license, certificate of conformity, customer service card, genuine certificate, envelope, letter paper, etc

4) safety design and use of product packaging sealing label

IV. how to print the anti-counterfeiting products designed by founder hyperline

for packaging products with general anti-counterfeiting needs, any offset printing or gravure printing can be used. As long as the appropriate linewidth and line spacing with a lighter proportion than silver are set in the safety shading design software according to the accuracy of the Phototypesetter, others are consistent with ordinary printing, that is, the printing of variable linewidth lines and spot color lines can be realized; Although the latent image can also show some effects through offset printing, the effect of gravure printing will be better

if there are special anti-counterfeiting requirements, it is necessary to combine the printing process with the design of founder hyperline. Here are a few examples:

1 The lines with gradually changing colors are printed by special printing - Rainbow printing process (there will be a problem of inaccuracy in four-color printing). It is based on the requirements of printing, put a partition in the ink tank, and then put a variety of hue inks in different partitions. Under the action of the inking roller, the ink of adjacent parts is mixed and then transmitted to the printing plate. With this printing process, multiple colors can be printed at one time, and the middle transition is soft. Because it is difficult to see the placement distance of the inner groove partition from the print, and it is also difficult to copy, it can also play a certain anti-counterfeiting role. If this process is used in large-area shading printing, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be more prominent

2. Refraction effect. At present, many cigarette boxes are designed with refraction, and the refraction effect is generally embossed. First, the embossed lines are generated by the founder super line, which are made into metal plates through physical or chemical action, and then pressed on the packaging boxes of gold and silver cards, plus its own color and luster, to form the refraction effect. Now the latest printing technology can achieve refraction effect by printing

3. Unlock anti-counterfeiting. The lock type anti-counterfeiting is designed by founder hyperline and completed by ordinary printing. During the production, two corresponding line drafts should be designed at the same time, one is the "lock" for printing, the other is the "key" for unlocking, which is generally a diaphragm or a line engraved on organic glass

v. what benefits can the use of anti-counterfeiting software bring to packaging and printing enterprises

1. Anti counterfeit packaging is a development direction of modern packaging and printing enterprises. Because of the fierce competition in modern commodity economy and society, criminals, driven by interests, have counterfeited popular goods, and counterfeiting has become a major public hazard in society. For users of packaging and printing enterprises, how to ensure that their products are not counterfeited depends more on packaging and printing enterprises with anti-counterfeiting packaging design and production capabilities

2. Packaging plus anti-counterfeiting is an effective way to maintain customer relations and stabilize the source, and can bring many new business opportunities. For packaging and printing enterprises, the shading anti-counterfeiting provided by founder hyperline has low cost, good effect, conforms to the principle of packaging aesthetics, and has less increased cost, but it has an effective anti-counterfeiting means

3. Anti counterfeiting printing is a very effective means to increase the added value of products, and it can also expand some special printing businesses for packaging and printing enterprises. In the printing industry, the highest profit belongs to anti-counterfeiting printing. At present, there are more and more products using security shading design technology, such as checks, tax receipts, passbooks, passports, certificates, etc., so the application of anti-counterfeiting printing will continue to expand and expand

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