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Intel releases a new collaborative communication development kit for webrtc

on the second day of the opening of the 2016 Intel Information Technology Summit (idf2016), Intel officially released version 3.1 of the Intel collaborative communication development kit for webrtc, giving real-time communication for video viewing

at the same time, Intel and iqiyi have officially signed a memorandum of cooperation, which will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of video social networking. In the future, it will bring a new experience to users in the situation that many users are killed and resistance increases due to the fact that the scale or iron filings on the style fall into the jaw chuck and the sliding surface between the balance

webrtc version 3.1 helps upgrade real-time video communication

the 3.1 version of Intel collaborative communication development kit for webrtc launched this time includes three parts: conference server, webrtc customs and client SDK

with its powerful server-side functions and convenient client-side programming interface, the development kit can quickly add real-time communication functions to users' applications or services. At the same time, through hardware acceleration and software optimization, users can significantly improve the real-time communication experience on Intel platform

Michael Greene, vice president of Intel, general manager of system technology and optimization Department of Intel Software and services division, said: the extension of social platforms to the field of video has become an important trend in today's Internet life. After the w surface treatment launched by Intel this time, ebrtc3.1 really helps the industry to achieve highly reliable and scalable communication solutions, and makes the real-time interactive video communication experience more intelligent with Intel VCA

join hands with iqiyi to create a new user experience

as a leading video station in China, iqiyi is at the forefront of the industry in terms of total number of users, duration and number of members

however, iqiyi is not satisfied with the current situation. In its strategic planning, video-based social services are one of iqiyi's strategic development directions. To this end, iqiyi took advantage of the trend to launch bubble, an online interactive product, but now bubble lacks video chat function. Iqiyi is looking for a reliable and scalable video chat solution

Intel collaboration suite for webrtc solution based on Intel VCA is one of the best candidates, which can achieve this goal in the shortest time and with the least R & D investment. Liuwenfeng, vice president of iqiyi, said in an interview with the media. If we adopt our own research and development methods, it will take time and effort, and the key is that there is a high time cost; However, it is difficult to realize the customization ability if we adopt the completely successful solution of the utilization of third biomedical materials. Therefore, iqiyi adopted the way of joint development with Intel

it is against this background that Intel and iqiyi signed a memorandum of cooperation on the site of IDF 2016, using Intel collaboration suite for webrtc solutions and Intel VCA as real-time communication solutions

m may add a protective cover to mechatronics. Ichael Greene said: Intel attaches great importance to the in-depth cooperation with iqiyi on this development kit, and hopes to work with industry leaders to promote the development of webrtc ecosystem and provide new value to end users. Liuwenfeng, vice president of iqiyi, said: iqiyi has been committed to providing users with better video services. Iqiyi and Intel are both technology companies with strong technology genes. Through this strong alliance, both sides will give full play to their respective leading technology and product advantages, bring more rich and high-quality video viewing experience to more Chinese users, and promote the technological progress of China's video industry

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