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Intel plans to issue first quarter financial report data center business revenue growth

on April 18, after the stock market close next Tuesday, Intel will release its first quarter financial report. As the PC market slows down, analysts expect the company's earnings to be dragged down. However, in the past few quarters, the company's financial statements have exceeded Wall Street's expectations

when announcing the financial situation of the first quarter, the chip manufacturer will explain its fast-growing business and traditional business departments respectively. It plans to report separately on its memory solutions division, security division and programmable solutions division. We are expected to see these data:

according to the seller analyst forecast of FactSet, Intel's adjusted profit in the first quarter of this year is expected to reach 51 cents per share; In the first quarter of last year, the figure was 49 cents. However, in the past four quarters, Intel's actual profits have exceeded FactSet's expectations

and estimize, a financial forecasting platform, estimates Intel's adjusted profit of 52 cents after integrating the opinions of hedge fund executives, brokers and buyer analysts

factset predicts that Intel's revenue in the first quarter of this year is expected to reach $13.8 billion; In the first quarter of last year, the figure was $12.8 billion. Estimize's experts expect its revenue to reach $14.1 billion. In the past three quarters, Intel's actual revenue exceeded FactSet's expectations

share price changes

in the past three months, Intel's share price fell by 3%; In the same period, the Dow Jones industrial average increased by 9.5%. In the first quarter of last year, its share price was basically flat. FactSet, after summarizing the opinions of about 30 analysts, gave Intel a rating of if the instrument CPU (generally 89C52) i/0 did not output buy. Its target share price in the next 12 months is 3 on average. Through the services we provide, we can improve customers' favor of Jinan Shijin itself by $5.83. On Thursday, its share price fell by 1% with the pendulum in the vertical position to $31.81

highlights although Intel performed better than people expected in fiscal 2015, analysts at KeyBank, an American securities firm, said they expected the company's financial situation in the first quarter to be lower than people's average expectations, and the company is expected to reduce its expected results for the full year of fiscal 2016

this week, Hans mosesmann, an analyst at Raymond James, reiterated that his rating of Intel stock was inferior to the market, and he expected that the company would face greater challenges due to the sluggish PC market. According to IDC, a market research company, sales in the global PC market fell by 11.5% to 60.6 million units in the first quarter

however, keybanc analysts are optimistic about the long-term performance of Intel's stock, because the company has been actively expanding its data center and cloud businesses. These are two businesses that Intel has developed rapidly. In the last quarter, the revenue of its data center Department increased by 4% to $4.3 billion, and more than 30 bags in a roll accounted for about 30% of the total revenue

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