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Intel's appointment of a new CEO is a wise gamble

this is a gamble, an Intel style gamble. The new CEO of Intel has finally come out. As always, he has been promoted internally rather than airborne, which shows the tradition of Intel covestro to launch sustainable and innovative solutions based on fiber-reinforced polyurethane and polycarbonate materials, which also indicates the future direction of Intel. In the face of choice, Intel shows that its traditional advantages are intertwined with the temptation of the future

in the latest news, Intel announced that the company's board of directors reached an agreement and elected briankrzanich as the next CEO to replace Otellini, which is the sixth CEO in Intel's history. In addition, Intel also announced that reneejames, head of software business, will serve as president of Intel. The appointment will be announced at Intel's annual general meeting on May 16

for the new CEO, I have the following comments:

first, parachuting is the wishful thinking of some insiders: there are many previous versions, such as the acquisition of NVIDIA and the appointment of Huang Renxun as the CEO of the company; In addition, sonny Jia as CEO also seems to take it for granted. Intel's previous CEOs were all selected internally. Intel is a company with great heritage. Its top leaders are "old employees" who have worked in Intel for many years. They know Intel very well, whether he comes from sales or technology. Previously, the news of Sonny Jia and Huang Renxun was mostly wishful thinking of people in the industry or the media. In my opinion, there were several people who met the CEO standard before: reneejames (especially if IDF didn't come to Beijing in 2013, it's suspicious); Briankrza is easy to cause traffic accidents nich (no mountains, no dew); David Pu (what most people in Britain think of is the chief product officer of all kinds of glass bottles and cans, but the technical model); Shihaode (transferred from the Department in charge of data center to the Department in charge of PC, and was promoted to vice president, but his qualifications are a little less enthusiastic); Yang Xu (president of China, of course, his qualifications are a little less popular, but the future of China's largest PC and market is not certain). In terms of CEO selection, Intel has its own choice, which seems to respond to the sentence "only paranoia can survive"

second, airborne? What about 90% of the country? Why do we choose from the inside? Only with data can we be persuasive. Of course, you can say that I was wise after the event, but from the perspective of Intel business, internal selection is the most appropriate. Intel previously released financial reports that its total revenue in the first quarter of this year was $12.58 billion, down 2.5% year-on-year, in line with the revenue of $12.2 billion to $13.2 billion in January this year, and the profit was in line with analysts' expectations; Intel's net profit in the first quarter was US $2.05 billion, with a year-on-year decline of 25% and earnings per share of 40 cents; Net profit for the same period last year was $2.74 billion, with earnings per share of 53 cents. Analysts expect earnings per share in the first quarter of this year to be 41 cents. Intel's core PC business revenue fell 6% year-on-year to $8billion; The revenue of the data center group increased by 7.5% year-on-year to US $2.6 billion. Do you see it? 80+26=10.6 billion dollars, Intel's main source of revenue is still in the PC and data center markets. For this reason, the "old man" knows Intel best, and it is also Intel's most secure strategy today

third, Intel doesn't want to do it, so believe in yourself. During the tenure of Otellini, Intel launched ultrabook, aiming to reinvent PC, and Intel also placed its future on the tablet computer market. Previously, many insiders believed that Intel should use external brain to achieve a breakthrough in the mobile market. However, in addition to the main reasons for revenue, Intel believes that its own people can do a good job in mobile. In history, Intel has had many turns. For example, Intel enters the server market. At present, Intel and its partners have launched more than 10 smart phones, which is a good start. But for the new CEO, how to make Intel quickly enter the mainstream market is his biggest topic. Maybe Intel can gamble and find an expert in the industry to change Intel into a chip manufacturer, but is this reality? Intel cannot abandon more than 90% of its revenue to make transformation

IV. it is well known from the special materials for ultra-high activity polyethylene composites, and its advantages lie in manufacturing process and manufacturing. Intel's pendulum model is still its magic weapon, at least at this stage. Previously, those chip factories that were regarded as a burden by some industry insiders have become increasingly important and have become one of Intel's core strengths. Intel has the most competitive process technology in the industry, which is about to become Intel's killer mace. But this sentence is still a little early. At present, the competitiveness of Intel chips has not opened an absolute gap with Qualcomm and Samsung. But after 14nm, Intel's advantages will burst out completely. And with the capacity of Intel's many chip factories around the world, it can open up its rivals who don't have their own factories and need to look at their partners' faces at once. But the question is, how does Intel spend it now? What the new CEO needs to do is how to connect the diversification of PC forms to attract more consumers/enterprise users. Similarly, what he needs to do is to enlarge and show the real characteristics and advantages of Intel Architecture/tablet, and develop it into his own advantages. And for the mobile market, the pendulum mode seems to have changed

fifth, how sure is Intel of this gamble? Briankrzanich is mostly a person who is out of sight. He joined Intel in 1982. Before his appointment, he was the chief operating officer (COO) of Intel, responsible for the manufacturing business department of Intel, and also in charge of the industrial chain, human resources and information technology operations. On the whole, Intel is still very clear about its advantages, and Intel is also very clear that they do not need Sonny Jia and Huang Renxun, because Intel does not want to do it, but to do the ecological environment. Having determined the direction and their core advantages, of course, it is natural to choose people. In a sense, Intel's selection is a gamble. The new CEO has to face a negative growth of 14% or even lower in the PC market in the future. How to transfer Intel's previous advantages in the PC market to the market? Of course, Intel's data center market strategy is good, but arm brings more and more intrusion. In addition, what the new CEO needs to do is to equate Intel with leading high-tech manufacturers

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