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Intel i7 6700k performance and power consumption comprehensive test i7 6700k how about

the sixth generation core iskylake is a processor that is worth looking forward to, both in terms of time and performance. There is almost no suspense over Broadwell and Haswell. Then, what innovation will such a confident skylake bring

since skylake has been released for a period of time, the relevant characteristics have long been mined. Here is a simple mention. There are three points:

1. Using the 14nm process, skylake has a new architecture. Compared with the 22nm process, the transistor size is smaller, the transistor density is higher, and the leakage current is better controlled. Removing the voltage regulator (fivr) will bring excellent overclocking performance; At the same time, lga1151 interface is adopted, which ushers in a new generation of 100 series motherboard

2. The performance of the core graphics card is enhanced. It is upgraded to the ninth generation core graphics card. The model is HD graphics 530, which belongs to gt2xx level (24 execution units). Compared with Haswell, the performance of the core graphics card is greatly improved, but it is not as good as HD graphics 6200 of Broadwell architecture. How about the specific performance? It is suitable for later test

3. It supports both DDR4 and ddr3l (low voltage), but is incompatible with 1.5V DDR3 memory. The high-end Z170 motherboard is basically DDR4 socket, so the mainstream B150 has products that support the coexistence of ddr3l and DDR4 sockets

the above three points are the biggest technological innovations excavated from skylake, but the rigid text can't visually show these features. Let's talk about them with data. Next, let's see how confident skylake is by measuring the stable and reliable performance of its flagship skylake i7 6700k in terms of product supply, quality, transportation, storage and so on

this is the suspense left by the last article: a set of color schemes of red, black and white, which are popular under the same experimental force, experimental amplitude and experimental frequency, is worth looking forward to

one of the protagonists must briefly introduce: ASUS z170-a motherboard is based on Intel Z170 chipset and supports the 6th generation Intel Core full series processor with lga1151 slot of skylake architecture. In terms of design, it follows the top motherboard design style of x99 pro and deluxe. The thousand yuan motherboard design is so luxurious that it is cheap z170-a

one of the highlights of ASUS z170-a is the 10 phase digi + PWM digital power supply design, combined with high-quality all solid-state capacitors and MOSFETs, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the motherboard and bring stronger overclocking performance. This article will see how the combination of ASUS z170-a and i7 6700k performs

is the coquettish red Zhiqi ripjaws memory module super eye pleasing

enter the theme quickly and make a brilliant debut with i7 6700k and platform. Is this scene too low-key

there's no way. The loose film is such a loser, such a simple and bare package, so it comes out

in consideration of cost performance, the price of boxed tablets is nearly 400 yuan higher than that of loose tablets, so they are forced into loose tablets, but as long as the performance is awesome, it is worth it

a pose like this looks much more noble. Flagship skylake can't be underestimated

i7 6700k HD large picture on the back. At first glance, compared with the previous two generations of CPUs, the capacitance in the middle is much more

is it i7 6700k or high value black and white with z170-a

quickly install the i7 6700k on the motherboard, and the performance test can't wait

evenly apply heat dissipation paste

as mentioned earlier, the Z170 has been upgraded from the previous generation lga1150 to the lga1151 interface, but the hole spacing of the radiator has not changed. It is compatible with the lga1150 radiator, so this is really a compliment to Intel. From lga1155, 1156, 1150 to today's lga1151 radiator, it can be used universally

a mid-range radiator Kyushu Fengshen xuanbing 400 is used here. There is basically no pressure at the pressure of i7 6700k. I believe skylake has good control over power consumption and temperature

set up the platform, power on, and the platform lights up smoothly. There are red, black, white, and blue

the list of platforms looks ok. This motherboard adopts ASUS white and blue theme BIOS, which looks more spiritual with black and red style

look at the advanced BIOS. There is no change in the design style of ASUS UEFI BIOS, but the style of color matching is slightly different

enter the advanced setting option, and you can view the CPU related information. The default frequency of i7 6700k is 4G, which is quite fierce

open the memory XMP mode, and the memory frequency reaches the default 3000MHz. In the DDR3 era, the frequency is very terrible, and the DD4 era will be a new starting point. Other BIOS options do not need to be changed, because the CPU can reflect its real strength under the default frequency

it is customary to score a win7 system first. The CPU performance rating is 7.8 points, and the memory default is 7.9 full points. Surprisingly, the performance of the kernel display is 7.0 high points. It seems that the kernel display has indeed improved greatly

then run chess, 16091 thousand steps per second. I feel a little surprised. It seems that the performance is slightly weaker than that of i7 4790k

if you don't agree, try running PI again. 100 we will have professional technicians to provide you with technical consulting services for 8954 seconds, which is similar to i7 4790k, and there is no improvement

running wprime 32m seems to be no surprise. It's a pity that it's comparable

running cinebench r11.5 finally saw hope, which was significantly better than i7 4790k in terms of nuclear display performance

then test the WinRAR performance. Due to the influence of high-frequency memory, the overall performance is good

aida64 mainly tests the memory and CPU cache performance, and there is a certain performance improvement, but it is not obvious

the above items focus on the embodiment of CPU performance. Next, run the 3dmark vantage performance test, with a comprehensive score of p8088 points, including GPU 6473 points and CPU 32101 points. There is no doubt that the performance of the core graphics card is outstanding, while the performance of the CPU is ordinary

finally, I ran a 3dmark fire strike performance test, with a comprehensive score of 1097 points. In terms of platform performance, it reached the level of gt630 graphics card, which is the most positive highlight of i7 6700k

the suspense of performance has been revealed through the actual measurement. There is no surprise but a small disappointment. The only thing that can lift the head is the improvement of nuclear display performance. HD graphics 530 is an improvement over the previous generation. OK, calm down and test the power consumption performance again

power consumption performance of the platform in standby mode:

the platform only opens the test software, does not run any other programs, and is basically close to the state

the power consumption in this state is only 34.29w, which is another surprise brought by the i7 6700k. Compared with the i7 4790k standby state, it is almost 3~5w lower, which is very awesome, and the power consumption increase brought by the DDR4 ultra-high frequency memory has not been calculated

cpu power consumption performance under full load condition:

open aida64 software and let the CPU run under full load condition

cpu under full load, the power consumption of the platform is 118.07w, and the power consumption control of 14nm process is really good, good

power consumption performance of core graphics card under full load condition:

open Furmark software to make the core graphics card run under full load condition

in this state, the power consumption is only 66.73w, which is good for high performance and low power consumption

cpu+ core display at full load at the same time:

run aida64 and Furmark software to make CPU and core display performance at full load at the same time

in this state, the maximum power consumption of the platform is almost 145.07w, and the maximum power consumption of the desktop flagship platform does not exceed 150W. This is Intel's confidence and skylake's confidence. Agricultural enterprises can only envy, envy and hate

I have to admit that at the beginning of this article, I was a little too confident. Maybe I was deceived by Intel marketing, because from the actual measurement of i7 6700k performance, users were not satisfied, but there was a small loss, which was mainly reflected in the CPU performance. Compared with the previous generation of i7 4790k CPU, the performance of the core graphics card has become the biggest highlight of i7 6700k, and the improvement is very obvious, reaching the unique gt630 level, General image processing is sufficient. Of course, skylake with 14nm process technology is not so bad. Although it will not have problems in a short time, it is very awesome in terms of power consumption. The standby power consumption of the flagship platform is only 34.29w, and the whole machine does not exceed 150W in the high responsibility state. It has a significant improvement compared with the previous generation, which is indeed worthy of recognition

of course, this article is only the theoretical performance test of i7 6700k, and the tossing time of the platform is not long, so there is no play with this CPU. There are still many aspects that need to be deeply explored, such as overclocking performance, independent display platform, algorithm and application, and many other aspects are worth waiting for. Thank you for your continued attention and support

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