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Intel CTO predicts five major technology trends in the future

at noon on February 16, Justin Rattner, chief technology officer of Intel, recently predicted five technology trends with this potential: green computing, multi-core computing and sensors, intelligent machines and people, wireless communication and digital medicine will change the future world

Justin, chief technology officer of Intel

the details of these five technology trends are:

1. The ultimate goal of green computing. The progress of energy optimization technology will enable Intel to find and use new power supply methods for consumer electronic devices, so that they do not need to obtain power supply from electricity. This represents the ultimate goal of green computing. Imagine that these devices will get "free energy" from their own environment

2. Better life, work and entertainment. With Intel's advances in multi-core computing and sensor technology, future computers may be able to recognize human faces, buildings and other objects. Your TV remote control will know who is holding it and can automatically select programs according to their preferences. In the future, Intel's processor chips will develop from integrating several cores to having many cores. The mainstream supercomputers equipped with them will provide users with real-time experience and movie quality visual computing effects, such as a lifelike 3D environment

3. Intelligent micro robot. Imagine that future home robots will not only use vacuum cleaners to clean the room or simulate pet dinosaurs to please you, but also use dishwashers to help you wash dishes and fold socks for you. Most importantly, they may also learn to move and use any object autonomously, feel and recognize the movement of surrounding objects, and learn to adapt to the new environment

in the future, there will be some micro robots that people can't see with the naked eye. In order to reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment, for example, millions of micro robots called "catom" can be assembled into objects of any shape, and move and change colors and shapes autonomously! They can be made into a pocket PC and folded into a tiny shape. They can also be reorganized into shapes to help you type and send text messages; When you want to browse the Internet, they can also become larger and smoother, and turn out keyboards and large screen displays for your convenience

4. All wireless: pack light and imagine life. The ubiquitous wireless technology in the future will enable you to use small personal devices to enjoy the application experience that can only be realized on large devices. Your or mobile Internet device (MID) will automatically search and connect to the nearby display screen, and then calculate and store data nearby. The video content will be automatically transmitted from your handheld device to the display screen in your car or flat panel display at home

5. Internet Computing improves medicine and improves health care from fluorite primary processing to functional membrane material industry chain. Imagine that there are hundreds of battery powered microcomputers in your home. They form a sensor network, which is responsible for collecting your health data and sending it to the designated location for processing and further analysis! Through this way of data collection and processing, the elderly can stay at home without having to rush to medical institutions, so the quality of life can be improved. These data also help prevent and detect early diseases, so as to improve health care, reduce medical costs, and alleviate the burden on family members and other nursing staff

after enumerating the above five future technology trends, Justin also encouraged inventors to take positive action to create the future with invention, and concluded with the famous words of Nuo who attaches importance to the environmental friendliness and safety of the whole process of new material research and development, production and use: "take action and create excellence!"

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