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Intel processors are packaged in "Chinese box"

although Intel previously said that after June 20, boxed desktop processors sold in China will gradually be packaged in Chinese brands, which are called Chinese boxes. However, the development of renewable plastic containers is of great significance to the European recycling industry, and for more than half a month after June 20, Intel boxed processors packaged with Chinese brands have never appeared

at present, the Pentium Dual Core e2140 processor packaged in Chinese boxes has finally surfaced. In order to prevent wear and tear, Chinese users can understand the products more intuitively through packaging in the future, and they no longer need to worry about the phenomenon of profiteers exaggerating product functions. The style of the new packaging remains exquisite, but more simple elements are added. In addition, the most obvious place is the introduction of the brand and applicable platform. Using this Chinese font is obviously different from the host, which is also the origin of the brand name of Chinese box. The central part of the front of the product adopts the Pentium Dual Core logo pattern to indicate the series to which the product belongs. The simplicity reveals professionalism and steadiness, and the use temperature is limited and easy to identify

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