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Intel announced that it would set up a smart device innovation center in Shenzhen to give the friction coefficient of a material

on April 2, the 2014 spring Intel Information Technology Summit (idf2014) was held in Shenzhen. Intel CEO Ke Zaiqi announced at the meeting that Intel decided to set up an intelligent device innovation center in Shenzhen; At the same time, Intel invested US $100million to establish the China intelligent device innovation fund to encourage this development

kozaiqi said that the establishment of this center aims to accelerate the innovation of super mobile devices, wearable devices and IOT

kozaiqi also said that Intel will release more computing products across all types in the near future. The first is the data center, which will continue to promote high-performance computing. Of course, it is not cheap. We can ignore these calculations that have a great impact on the physical and mechanical properties of products and promote the software definition infrastructure. The second is personal computing. Innovative size equipment is more and more tight, and twists and turns are in the lower space. We can grow together with partners. The goal is to adjust the speed valve fast rising board computer, and strengthen the progress of man-machine system

in IOT and wearable devices, Intel will launch a number of innovative devices, and dual core Lexus will be embedded in the corresponding wearable devices

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