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Application of frequency converter in carding machine doffer transformation

I. technical specification:

model: bfv00152g

applicable motor power: ≤ 1.5KW


rated capacity (kVA) 2.8

rated power supply: (a) 7.0

overload capacity: 150%60 seconds; 200% 0.5 seconds

voltage: three-phase 220V 50Hz/60Hz

power supply:

rated input voltage in medical and health care: 220V (single phase)

rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

allowable voltage fluctuation: +10% - 15%

power capacity: (kVA) 3.7

protection structure: screen scattered

cooling mode: air cooling

weight: (kg) 1.3


II. Features

-- advanced flux vector control, Realize the automatic adjustment function, and the speed regulation ratio can reach 1:120 (0.5 - 60Hz)

-- realize the doffer stepless speed regulation, and the speed increase and decrease are smoother, which can meet the requirements of carding process to the greatest extent

-- low speed setting is 15 – 20Hz, high speed setting is 50 – 60Hz, the first speed rising time is 3 seconds, the second speed rising time is 10 seconds, the deceleration time is 10 seconds, and the parking time is ≤ 3 seconds. The above parameters can be set arbitrarily according to user requirements

-- cancel the electromagnetic clutch and inertia wheel of the original seamless steel pipe with wall thickness greater than 1.2mm, so as to reduce the electrical failure of carding, improve production efficiency and reduce material consumption

-- cancel the time relay in the control panel and establish an innovative value chain in the middle. The relay can be divided into two types: computer-based universal tensile testing machine and electronic tensile testing machine

-- the doff process speed can be set directly through the converter frequency

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