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Intel helps China's embedded development

adhering to Intel's long-term strategy of growing together with China, Intel's embedded and Communications Division has always regarded it as an important mission to work with the Chinese government, enterprises and scientific research institutions to jointly promote the innovative development of China's embedded industry

for this reason, Yingshi overlaps with the main target. On the one hand, relying on its leading architecture advantages and cutting-edge chip manufacturing technology, Intel embedded and communication business department provides rich industry solutions for Chinese partners to help them develop infrastructure suitable for industrial automation, wireless communication, broadband and information security; IP solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises; Roads, railways, aviation, transportation, oil, electricity and new energy; Agriculture, forests, land resources and environmental protection; The final products and solutions in finance, insurance, securities, commerce, retail, new media, digital signage, public security, social security and other industries and application fields. On the other hand, it has also actively carried out various forms of cooperation with local partners in China. So far, it has worked with more than 300 14 Effective stretching stroke: 1280 (excluding fixture) Chinese embedded enterprises and scientific research institutions have established extensive and in-depth technology, easy to disassemble platforms, applications and market cooperation, thus participating in the innovation process of China's embedded technology and market development in an all-round way

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