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Intel: digital signage smart lead

as early as this year's second Shanghai international digital signage and touch query technology exhibition, Intel's embedded and communication business division joined hands with a number of well-known domestic partners

as for the future of smart digital signage solutions, Shi Yangwei, director of Intel embedded products division in China, is confident that the colors of old and new building blocks must match: traditional content based on graphic forms and advertising push are becoming less and less attractive to consumers, and interactive media communication and marketing methods are about to become the mainstream. As the fifth media, intelligent digital signage products will provide an essential technical platform for the realization of interactive media communication applications

in this regard, Shanghai Xinyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has obviously taken the lead. Talking about the cooperation between Xinyi and Intel, Lai Weixiao, general manager of Shanghai Xinyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said: the embedded interconnection concept proposed by Intel is of great significance to the development of the digital signage industry. Intel predicts that by 2015, more than 15billion devices will be connected to the Internet. These interconnected smart devices will stimulate infinite innovation, and the digital signage developed and produced by Xinyi based on Intel successfully launched the first generation of products based on Intel's Lexus platform as early as 2009. In 2010, the company also developed a high-performance digital label based on Intel G41 high-speed chipset and intel core processor to avoid non-standard operation links. In terms of mobile digital signage terminals, Xinyi also specially customized a low-power solution based on Intel Atom processor technology

for the current research and development results, Lai Weixiao very much recognizes the performance of Intel Lexus processor: Intel has brought our product design and development work in the field of digital signage to a new level, and successfully launched new products such as multimedia interactive digital signage to the market. The openness and scalability of Intel Architecture have improved our design and development efficiency. The Lingdong platform has the characteristics of low power consumption and high stability, but it can fully adapt to various complex external environments where digital signs are located. The high performance of G41 ensures the humanized experience of interaction. The configuration is relatively high and the response speed is relatively fast. The market prospect is very promising

in addition, for the digital signage equipment for coupon printing, which is more and more widely used at present. Xinyi has put its focus on the next step. Lai Weixiao said: we are also considering the development of face recognition, about Printing coupons, who is playing what brand, what age group are interested in what brand in the process of branding, and doing analysis in the background. This is customized management. Statistics will be calculated when printing various brands. For example, face recognition system, knowing what kind of people are interested in what kind of brand, in terms of the whole marketing and backstage support, is of great benefit to brand building

in terms of future promotion and payment, Lai Weixiao said: the company's product technology is 8 The functional accessories of the wear and tear implementation machine and the implementation instruments and equipment ports related to the implementation machine are reserved, which may change slightly in appearance. Now it is making a specific attempt with Jiangsu Telecom, and then it will be spread across the country to form a comprehensive media platform for business circles. Around this platform, a large number of business activities can be carried out, and the market prospect is very broad

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