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Integrating their own resources and opening up a new situation of reform

only by taking a diversified path can we meet the needs of consumers

in today's fast-paced living environment, unchanging products cannot get rid of the fate of being eliminated, while creative products can better meet the shopping needs of young consumers. Personality and freedom are specific labels for post-80s and 90s consumers. Only by producing personalized products with both product design value and full creativity can wooden door enterprises win the market

at the same time, the original intention of wooden door enterprises in designing such products cannot be passive, but to actively tap consumers' preferences and understand their needs, so as to design products with a sense of the times and more fashionable personality. For example, wooden door enterprises can segment consumers, design products of different styles according to different ages, or launch wooden door brands that focus on youth, etc. In this way, consumers can take the initiative to pay

market change is the basis of enterprise strategic planning. Only by catering to the market, can wooden door enterprises have a way to go. Once they violate the law of market development, they can only die here. As we all know, some big brand wooden doors have professional market research teams, which can always grasp the market dynamics, and also have strong innovation ability. Therefore, most of the products they produce can meet the needs of different consumers, and represent the fashion vane of the wooden door industry

however, at present, some domestic brands are still in the state of doing their best to imitate, often following the popular trend or market style of big brands. The homogenization is very serious, and there is no own brand design style. In order to build a high-quality wooden door brand, enterprises must make persistent efforts, strengthen market strategies and enhance the strength of the company without delay. Only by focusing on the market, advancing with the times, and meeting the market needs of consumers, can wooden door enterprises not be eliminated in this era

only by getting rid of old ideas can we break through limitations.

after more than 30 years of development, the wood door industry has also experienced major changes, and the industry environment is even more unpredictable. For example, for the application of Internet and the development of e-commerce, at present, wooden door enterprises should install manual switches on the external wires to control the experimental motor. The source environment is undergoing major changes, which has a profound impact on the business behavior of all wooden door enterprises. Mobile Internet has completely broken the information barrier and made the marketing mode of wooden door more diversified. The cancellation of real estate purchase restriction policy and the reduction of housing loan interest rate are difficult to bring substantial growth to the wooden door industry. The situation of the whole real estate is still not optimistic. The fierce competitive environment accelerates the survival of the fittest in the industry. A series of unstable factors. How can wooden door enterprises incorporate the above unstable factors into the enterprise transformation policy, plan strategies, and comprehensively control the transformation progress

guide and promote the standardization and orderly development of the new material industry

whether large enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises, they want to break through their own limitations, change and advance through change, and then make enterprises step up to a new level in an excellent way, but through the following ways: first, explore new business operation modes, integrate and optimize enterprise resources. For example, the rapid development of the Internet era has brought about a surge of e-commerce, and the sales channels of wooden door enterprises have ushered in a new turn. 2、 Extend the original wooden door product unit and do not exceed 500r/min; The polishing time should be longer than the time required to remove scratches, change the enterprise product structure, and develop in the direction of diversified industries, so as to expand market share. 3、 To develop new technology and new functional wood door products, we need to pay special attention to three aspects: products

however, whether it is the exploration of new business operation mode or the development of new technology, enterprises must have sufficient funds as support, and if new products want to quickly open the market, they need strong brand influence as backing. Therefore, wooden door enterprises should combine their own development and start from a certain aspect to gradually open a new situation of reform

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