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Flexible packaging enterprise information management comprehensive solution

enterprises began to pay more attention to how to quickly respond to external market changes in accordance with the principle of gathering innovation resources and activating innovation elements, and meet customer needs through continuously improving services. With the continuous change of market demand, the outer packaging of products will also change, and the upgrading speed of product packaging will continue to accelerate. The relationship between product design, technology and production departments is getting closer and closer. At the same time, technology and production departments continue to encounter new materials, new product requirements and continuous changes in production processes. In this case, management informatization is the only way for the operators of flexible packaging enterprises

nowadays, the innovation of various management methods tends to rely more and more on information technology, so there are all kinds of information management software such as ERP, SCM, CRM, PDM, CAPP and so on. These management software have been widely used in enterprise management, and have achieved certain management benefits, which are gradually accepted by more managers. However, at present, there is no management software that can fully adapt to the flexible packaging industry. Those general-purpose management software are difficult to play their due functions in flexible packaging enterprises

for example, there is no clear description of the requirements for the correct hue or color depth of the printing process during production, and the quality of the processed products does not meet the requirements of customers, resulting in deduction or return. At this time, managers of soft packaging enterprises will question the role of general-purpose software: why can't seemingly good products play a role in the soft packaging industry? This is mainly due to the lack of production standards and professional information of gravure printing industry

gravure printing, an ERP management software that imitates signals and changes them into digital signals through multiplexers and a/d conversion chips, is an industrial information management software developed for gravure printing. The software system structure model is a standard three-tier client server architecture, which can be centralized or distributed. Users can decide the hardware configuration according to their needs, and they can also add new hardware devices as application servers at any time in the future to improve the processing capacity of the system

gravure printing investment is decentralized. ERP management software can flexibly respond to the structure of gravure manufacturing enterprise scale, business field and organizational changes. It is an advanced industry-specific ERP solution developed according to the business environment of flexible packaging enterprises and combined with the latest information technology

the necessity of ERP management mode

management mode is the norm in the daily management of enterprises, and it is the most direct manifestation of the implementation of enterprise management ideas to each post. How to tap the inherent potential from the existing management methods and improve their own enterprise management level has become an urgent problem for many enterprises to solve and face. ERP for flexible packaging management is not a product born out of nowhere. It is based on experience and practice. From MRP to ERP, the practice of these decades has shown the progressiveness of ERP

erp's greatest contribution lies in the transparency and accuracy of enterprise management information. It integrates the excellent management experience of manufacturing enterprises, integrates personnel, equipment, materials and other manufacturing elements into the supply chain platform, and realizes the rapid response of manufacturing enterprises to the needs of front-end customers, thus helping flexible packaging enterprises gradually grow into excellent manufacturing enterprises

software can help enterprises have a more perfect and competitive production process, improve product quality management ability, improve customer satisfaction, and realize real-time information sharing. At the same time, it helps enterprises reduce production costs and improve profits, making enterprises more competitive in the whole production process. The hollow part with fireproof and sound-absorbing foam board has a better effect

the software integrates the application system of the functions required by the flexible packaging enterprise, and integrates all or the main operation activities within the enterprise, so as to assist the enterprise to achieve the goal of efficient operation on the premise of optimal allocation of business resources. It realizes the sharing of customers, suppliers, assets and other documents through various functional modules, and quickly processes and dynamically controls and tracks the whole production and operation process (sales order - purchase, production order, outsourcing - shipping order - waybill - cost order) of flexible packaging enterprises; It is an integrated management information system that integrates the business marketing, production, procurement, inventory, quality, finance, cost, etc. of the enterprise during a certain period, adjusts and optimizes the allocation of enterprise resources, and maximizes the use of enterprise resources

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