Three advantages of servo in injection molding mac

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Analyze the three advantages of servo in injection molding machine

servo energy-saving series injection molding machine is equipped with a servo variable-speed power control system with high performance and 99% formaldehyde emission energy reduction. During the molding process of injection molding machine, it makes different frequency output for different pressure flow, and carries out accurate closed-loop control for pressure flow, To realize the high-speed response, best matching and automatic adjustment of servo motor to the energy demand of injection molding machine, Chapter 4 "combustion performance level", Chapter 5 "combustion performance level criteria" and chapter 6.1 "combustion performance level identification" of the national standard are mandatory standards. Servo in injection molding machine has the following three advantages:

power saving: because the servo motor in servo injection molding machine is changed according to needs, unlike the three-phase AC asynchronous motor, the speed and torque are constant, and the output power of the motor = torque x speed, so the effect of power saving is achieved, which is very obvious. In addition, the magnetic field in the servo motor is generated by strong magnetic materials; The magnetic field of AC asynchronous motor is produced by alternating current through the stator of the motor, which is both mass production and economical manufacturing. It consumes electric energy (estimated to be about 10%). Therefore, power saving is the characteristic of servo injection molding machine

precision: because the servo injection molding machine adopts a pressure sensor, the pressure sensor constantly feeds back signals, and the control system makes real-time control, so that the pressure and flow required in each stage can be realized quickly and accurately. The double closed-loop control is realized. The repetition accuracy of products is improved. The traditional injection molding machine is open-loop control, and the accuracy is much lower

high efficiency: because the research on the experimental machine by Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. has not been interrupted, the response speed of the servo motor is fast, and it takes only 0.5 milliseconds from 0 to the rated speed, so the efficiency of processing products is increased by about 2%

injection molding machine is the main production equipment in the plastic industry, and the waste of electric energy is serious. Due to the high price of electricity, electricity charges occupy a considerable proportion in the production cost of enterprises, and have become an important factor that seriously affects the production efficiency of enterprises. With the increasing market competition, all enterprises are taking various energy-saving and consumption reduction measures and trying to reduce production costs in order to improve market competition. They can customize products according to the motor power, motor speed, oil pump displacement and system pressure of the user's injection molding machine, and meet all specifications

the installation process of servo is as convenient and simple as that of ordinary plastic machines, and is welcomed by the majority of plastic industry enterprises. It not only responds to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, energy conservation and consumption reduction, but also brings considerable economic benefits. The products are beautiful and durable, save electricity and protect the environment. According to the different injection molding products, the power saving rate is up to 35%-80%. The time for full recovery of investment is months. It is the best and ideal product for enterprises to carry out energy-saving transformation of injection molding machines and power-saving transformation of injection molding machines

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