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Comprehensive test questions of constructor examination (1)

1. Single choice questions (70 questions in total, 1 point for each question. Among the alternatives of each question, only one is the most consistent with the meaning of the question)

1. The main task of the project implementation period is to achieve the objectives of the project through ()

a. control B. organization

c. management D. coordination

answer: c

2. The "cost target" in the construction project management is () for the construction party

a. investment objective B. cost objective

c. budget estimate objective D. budget objective

answer: b

3. The main content of engineering construction supervision is to control construction investment, construction period and project quality; Carry out engineering construction () and coordinate the working relationship between relevant units

a. supervision and management b. dynamic control

c. site management D. contract management

answer: d

4. As a system, the project management organization of the construction project is determined by ()

a. project scale B. Project Manager

c. project objective D. project contract

answer: c

5. determine the division of work tasks between the project manager and the competent departments or personnel in charge of progress control and quality control, which should be adopted ()

a. organizational structure mode B. task division table

c. function division table D. work flow chart

answer: b

6. internationally, the description of selecting design units through design competitions is incorrect ()

a. the scope of the design competition can be wide or fine. B. the owner can integrate the results of the design competition

c. the results of the design competition are limited to awards. D. the design competition can not only avoid the waste of packaging content to the greatest extent, but also the winner of the competition can directly undertake the design task

answer: d

7. The economic measure of progress correction is ()

a. adjust the work flow organization B. solve the project payment in time

c. change the construction equipment D. strengthen the contract management

answer: B test machine yield strength

8. In our country, the constructor is a kind of () name

a. jobs B. technical titles

c. managers D. professionals

answer: d

9. According to the needs of the project for human resources, establishing the project organization structure is one of the tasks of ()

a. team building B. managing members of the project management team

c. project management team personnel obtain D. preparation organization and human resource planning

answer: d

10. The project management of the general contractor of the overall upgrading project of the new material industry of construction engineering involves the whole process of the project ()

a. design phase B. construction phase 2016 Germany Dusseldorf International Plastics and rubber (k exhibition) will be grandly opened on October 19, 2016

c. warranty phase D. implementation phase

answer: d

11. China began to implement it in 1988 ()

a. project manager responsibility system in the early stage of the project B. construction project supervision system

c. construction project manager responsibility system &n

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