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Now our days are very hygienic, so indoor hygiene has become an important issue of our daily hygiene, but what should we pay attention to when cleaning windows has obviously become

now our days are very hygienic, so indoor hygiene has become an important issue of our daily hygiene, But what problems should we pay attention to when cleaning windows has obviously become a headache for many of our partners. In fact, these problems are more important, because if the windows are poorly cared for, they will affect their future use

so we should pay special attention to the problems of window cleaning. Now some questionable partners send private messages to help Xiaobian. Today Xiaobian will summarize some problems that we should pay attention to when cleaning windows. Today Xiaobian will explain some problems that Guan Yu should pay attention to when cleaning windows from the selection of external windows, internal windows and some cleaners, The most important thing is our personal safety when cleaning the windows. The following experience allows us to use some of the methods provided by today's editor when cleaning windows again. Let's talk about some places we should pay attention to when cleaning windows

preparation before window cleaning

first of all, we all know that window cleaning is very troublesome, so once we start cleaning, it's best not to stop at the center, so we'd better prepare all the things we use at the beginning, and put them where we can reach out, so that we can ensure the smooth progress when cleaning the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, so we should prepare all the things safely, Next we have to decide how to clean it. Because sometimes the floor we live on is very high, and it is very inconvenient to clean the glass, so if possible, we decide whether we can remove the windows in our house, so that we can clean the outside glass very clean, so that we can finish our cleaning work well, But what we should also pay attention to is that we must pay attention to our own safety when we remove the windows. Because the floor is high, it is difficult to ensure our own safety. If our windows are relatively large, we must not rely on our ability to remove them at this time, but can borrow the help of some friends

of course, we need to remove the windproof and sand protective window before cleaning the window. Because the existence of this layer of yarn will generally affect the progress of cleaning the window, so in order to clean the window quickly, we need to remove the gauze quickly, and we can clean the gauze before. Because the gauze is often moldy, and there is often some dust on the gauze, if we don't clean it, When it's windy and rainy, we often discharge the dust on the windows, and then when we deal with the window protection, we can easily dispose of the spider webs and some ash in the corner, so that we won't directly touch the windows next time and reduce the cleaning process in the future. Therefore, cleaning some dust around the glass is also an important point. These are the preparations we need to make before cleaning the windows, and we should pay attention to these

precautions for cleaning windows

first of all, we need to choose some cleaners to clean windows. Dry ice cleaning is a process of impacting and cleaning the surface of objects through high-speed ejected dry ice particles. Such a detergent is very effective. Once it is used, it can remove dirt at a low temperature of minus 10 ℃ when it is used on the surface of the object to be cleaned, so it can be cleaned better. Because it can achieve the cleaning effect of glass cleaning scraper

therefore, such cleaning effect is relatively suitable for the cleaning of outdoor glass in high-rise buildings. Because the cleaning force is very strong, it is suitable for outdoor glass in high-rise buildings that save energy and risk. Our indoor cleaners are better used by ordinary families. But there are many kinds of household cleaning agents. Which one should we use? In the meantime, there are hard surface cleaners for cleaning furniture, floors, walls, doors and windows, which are specially used in the bedroom. These cleaners generally include fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, coconut diethanolamine, especially substances containing ammonia; However, such cleaners generally have some alkaline ingredients, which we should pay special attention to

use alkaline detergent and ensure ventilation; When using the detergent containing antibacterial ingredients, wear gloves to prevent burning the skin, but generally do not use the profile that will corrode us. We can use washing powder, maybe some vinegar, maybe alcohol is a useful detergent such as windows. It can also be some daily laundry detergent, which may be used by glass professionals. Some can be obtained without special requirements

how to wipe the glass cleaner and how to make it cleaner is a problem that has plagued us for a long time. Because we often encounter the situation that there are traces after wiping the glass. In fact, we can prepare a large sponge first and absorb water after wiping, so that there will not be so much water on the surface of the glass, so there will be less traces of water, and then there will be no traces after drying, Perhaps when we are cleaning the glass, we can start from the upper corner of the window, and then to the opposite corner of the glass, so as to clean it

maybe we can also use the S-shape to clean the window down to the bottom of the window, which will make the water from top to bottom, and then use some sponges to absorb water. Finally, use a dry rag to wipe the remaining water wiped by the sponge, and then start to wash down. We should remember that after each cleaning, don't forget to wipe the brush with a dry rag. Otherwise, there will be no scrubbing marks on the window glass

the above content is what Xiaobian explained to us. I hope we will have a certain understanding of window cleaning in the future. I hope I can help you




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