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The first (2015) Shanghai Construction Expo ended at sunset on June 5. During the four-day exhibition, the booth of vipassy wardrobe was popular, setting off a wave of franchise consulting

the first (2015) Shanghai Construction Expo ended at sunset on June 5. During the four-day exhibition, the booth of vipassy wardrobe was popular, setting off a surge of franchise consulting. According to the author's knowledge on the site of vipassy's wardrobe booth, vipassy's wardrobe has been fully prepared before the exhibition, and strives to perform well at the exhibition

since Shanghai Construction Expo is the first time, many wardrobe dealers who come to the exhibition are looking forward to finding a good brand that can bring wealth to themselves at the exhibition. On the first day of the launch, vipsy wardrobe made a strong debut in the Guangdong excellent wardrobe brand joint Museum with a neat lineup. The eye-catching, beautiful and atmospheric product advertisements all showed the confidence and boldness of vipsy wardrobe's determination to become an industry leading brand, attracting a large number of audiences and new and old friends to visit

in this exhibition, vibes wardrobe brought four new series, namely Carlos series, city light series, fifth element series and renza Dynasty series, which surprised many merchants who came to visit vibes booth. One of the dealers who came to visit told the author that I am very optimistic about the four series of products of vibes wardrobe. The appearance design of the disk is novel, which is more in line with the current market trend, and the internal function planning is reasonable and practical. I have visited several booths, and the products of vipsy are very unexpected. I believe that if these series are launched in our local market, they will be loved by the public

according to the author's on-site interview in the wardrobe booth of vipassy, we have an in-depth understanding. The author found that there was a surge of people in the weibaishi wardrobe booth, and many visitors came here with admiration for the four new series of weibaishi wardrobe. "From the strength of product innovation, we can see the brand strength of vipsy wardrobe. Only good products can promote sales and make me money," a franchisee who signed up to join vipsy wardrobe on site told the author

as for the situation that the four series of new products of vipsy wardrobe have attracted much attention, the relevant person in charge of vipsy wardrobe said that innovation is an important step in the development of vipsy and the driving force for the continuous improvement of the product system of vipsy. In the current stage, vipsy wardrobe will still increase research and development efforts, constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, and meet the sales demand of the market. In addition to bringing new products, we have also brought very favorable franchise policies to this Construction Expo. We believe that vibes can surprise everyone who cares about us





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