Perfect combination of light and shadow in colorfu

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The living room is decorated with warm colors, orange bags and blankets, as well as warm lighting everywhere. With the space decorated with oil paintings and guitars, the whole space exudes artistic temperament

the application of light plays a great role in the living room, whether it is the low ceiling lamp, the floor lamp beside the door, as well as the white candle light on the tea table and windowsill, which makes the living room not only have quality, but also have warmth

don't underestimate this simple white tea table. Its body is a hollow structure, and the overall storage space is reserved under the extraction board. Therefore, the storage function of the living room has been invisibly expanded

the study has both storage functions. The books on the two top bookshelves are neatly stored. The whole reclining chair has a smooth curve like soft waves, which has a flowing beauty. Leaning here to read and relax can't be more comfortable

the study is a collection area extending from two functional areas. A fireplace is appropriately built on the wall between the two doors. The overall shape has a classical charm, and the edges outlined by the tiles become the highlights of the fireplace

using the thickness of the corner wall, a storage rack is embedded to store shoes, and the white storage box makes the open storage look very neat. The arched door opening on the other side was decorated with green potted plants, which immediately made people feel vibrant




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