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How should cabinet enterprises cope with the arrival of a sharing society? In the Internet era, how can cabinet enterprises do their own brand communication and marketing promotion? These are questions worth pondering. Pinai cabinets will be analyzed one by one

shared society information is more transparent

what is a shared society? It actually contains two aspects. First, the sharing society reflects that in the Internet era, people are more closely connected with each other than before. Second, in the Internet era, the transparency of information between enterprises and consumers is getting higher and higher. In the past, when enterprises found the selling points of products and the value of brands, most enterprises were condescending to communicate with consumers. Now, in the sharing society, which is very closely connected, the past practice needs to be changed to a large extent. Based on the above two points, only by changing the marketing concept can cabinet enterprises occupy a place in the future market competition

insight determines the high degree of brand marketing concept change is very important

the first is to pay attention to the high-frequency connection with consumers. Times are changing, cabinet enterprises should learn to use small budgets to continue to do high-frequency. So, how can cabinet enterprises achieve high-frequency connection with consumers? Spread 360 degree integration to 365 days of continuous transmission. Continuous communication for 365 days requires continuous dialogue with consumers and small-scale communication campaigns. When there are a certain number of fans, these fans can be used for social communication. We should communicate with consumers in a personalized way, with high communication frequency and diversity. In the Internet era, in terms of connection, from 360 degree integration to 365 day continuous brand communication, this is a great challenge for cabinet enterprises




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