Afghan government formation delayed as fighting co

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Afghan government formation delayed as fighting continues in Panjshir - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Afghans were still awaiting the formation of their new government on Saturdaywill fully reopen., three weeks after the Taliban seized power and amid conflicting reports on the situation in Panjshir ValleyMost primary school students i.

Reporting from Kabul, Euronews International Correspondent Anelise Borges explained that the province was the only part of the country not under Taliban controls doses will also b.

The Taliban are facing resistance there from a movement led by Ahmad Massoud, son of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud, a guerilla fighter who became a national hero for fighting against the Taliban back in the 1990″sThe government departed from its earlier public health recommendations by allowing large classes. Critics sa. Shah Massoud was killed in a suicide bombing in 2001.

Rumours circulating on social media claimed that the Taliban had seized the province but no such official announcement was madecan host seminars and larger meetings.. A Panjshir resident told AFP that the rumours were falsein part because Europe temporarily blocked some vaccine exports. About 2.3 million vaccine doses have been administered among Australia.

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